Why a BBB blog

Each day, BBB is flooded with myriad requests for help. Some queries are for business reliability, while others are to file complaints. Others call questioning the validity of documents, emails and phone calls.

We hear these stories all day long, some we send to the news media, and others involve deeper investigation. We thought it would be interesting to show the stories of good business practice, exploit the tactics scam artist use to target Snake River Region residents, and share insight into programs and events sponsored by BBB.


2 responses to “Why a BBB blog

  1. Hope Sims

    Is this the same as the clearinghouse sweepstakes

    • I’m not certain which sweepstakes you are referring to. Remember that most legal sweepstakes require you to enter in order to be considered. BBB says never give out personal or financial information to anyone you do not trust or know. Illegal sweepstakes often seek your personal information, or ask for fees to release the funds. IF you have won, you do not have to pay or give out more information. Never pay upfront fees, it’s a con and a scam.

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