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You can watch your sweepstakes through Wynfel Advisory Services for $20

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

When Paul, from Shelley, opened the envelope he was flush with excitement. To get his $1.2 million recovery check, all he had to do was send in $19.99.

“Hey, if it only costs me 20 bucks, why shouldn’t I do it,” he says.

If it was only so simple. The fact you send in the cash to get your prize may trigger a series of events. In this case, Wynfel Advisory Services promised unreleased money and for a fee the company would find that money and return it to Paul.

“Recovery” firms charge advance fees between $100 and several thousand dollars for a service consumers may get for free. The firms may telephone and send letters to the companies to which you lost money, requesting refunds on your behalf.

The firms may also contact government agencies and the BBB, requesting their help in resolving your complaint.

You may ask yourself how the company obtained knowledge you lost money to a sweepstakes company.
These recovery agencies are not vouched by or connected with any government agency or Better Business Bureau. BBB does not process complaints filed by these firms.
BBB advises against paying an advance fee. Licensed collection agencies charge clients for their services only AFTER the debt has been collected. Consumers may get the service these companies offer for free, through their own efforts of filing complaints with government agencies the Better Business Bureau.
Bureau experience has found that in many instances, the companies to which consumers lost money have closed, making it impossible for consumers to recover their original investment.
BBB advises against sending money or checks by wire services, such as Western Union, to people claiming to be private attorneys or from government agencies. No government agency requires consumers to pay for restitution monies acquired by law suits; these agencies are funded by your state and federal tax dollars.
Some companies and people contact consumers and misrepresent themselves as lawyers who have won a class action suit against the firm to which the consumer lost money. The caller claims in order for the consumer to collect restitution, s/he must pay the lawyer a fee.
To date, BBB’s experience shows only government agencies are successful in obtaining restitution for consumers with a lawsuit.

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