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13 responses to “Contact us

  1. Bella

    Just wanted to say thanx. I can’t count how many years, and how many dollars I’ve spent entering PCH through my home mail delivery. I won’t be duped again!
    What an absolute shame this little lady lost so much. I didn’t lose anywhere near this amount and feel terribly ‘used’. I can’t imagine how I’d feel in her shoes.
    Thanx for all of us – for our futures – knowing this truth.

    With respect and appreciation,

  2. esam

    idont speak english good iwon for you315000 idont how contact for you my mobil no 00966593009716

  3. panupong

    ข้อความที่ขึ้นบนมือถือผม คืนอะไร ครับ อ่านไม่เข้าใจ Your CELL No. has been granted E515.000 on the Apple UK program for info send mail to:

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  5. Adnan

    Just now I received SMS massage from iphone202 pro ..I just deleted the message

  6. khalid mehmood

    i m khalid i m pakistani person working in saudia aribia i received your sms on my mobile number XXXXXXXXXX as yor sms i m the winer how can i contect u pl

    • You are not a winner. Apple Iphone is not giving away prizes, awards, grants, winnings or money. This is a scheme to steal money from you, or worse, steal your identity to create financial havoc for you. Do NOT respond to these people any further. You do not have a prize coming.

  7. earleparel

    sir /maam i just only ask because last sept.9,2013 i received a sms from my mobile that i mon 1,000,000,00pounds pin 212 from

  8. sheila

    This scam , operated by these crooks, should be punished and made to pay the money back and they should see a jail cell, it is like fraudulent of major theft like bank robbery, they think they can robbed through the mail, and the postal system should refuse to mail it, do to the fact now they know it is a scam and to prevent future crime the police should stop these filers from any American Sweepstakes publishers by this Michael Washington to be mailed and prevent crime this way. Put and end to the scam, for good. Do not let them bother and harm people who are trusting in the mail system that is suppose to be governed govern it right , by the law.

  9. A friend Robin Light contacted me this am. Saying she had seen my nme on upson her winnings of her 200.000.000 dollars on fbook lotta an that i should contact Someone nmed agent julia Pierson so of course i did lol she was claiming i won money and needed to send two thousand dollars an ups. Would deliver winnings in six hours … i filled out form then julia asked about the two thousand i responded as a single mother i dnt hve but maybe twenty bucks an if i had won why not tke it out of that she replied that the money was in a box an couldnt be opened so i did sum investigating told her thought was a hoax and in between talking with her my friend whom i thought was her was hacked seems like there is a few scammers out there also wanted my email an fbook password and i tild her no… not sure if need to save info but if u guys can hlp please lmk thanks

  10. Deborah K.

    Thank you Robb Hicken for writing “Somebody’s not telling the truth: Maria or Florencia”. My 90 year old uncle received a letter from this “Maria” a few days ago. He was quite excited about the possibility of getting 40% of the $26.7 million that “Maria” offered to share with him. Fortunately, he couldn’t keep the “secret” that “Maria” asked him to, and he spilled the beans to his sister, my 80 year old mother. My mom is a former bank manager and she smelled “SCAM” and took the letter away from him. When she told me about it, all it took was a few clicks on my laptop to find your article. I have printed it out along with your other article on 3/19 related to money laundering, and will be sharing with my uncle. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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