AT&T confirms hackers took Social Security and call records

People outside of AT&T Mobility accessed an unknown number of customer Social Security numbers and call records, AT&T has confirmed to PC World.

Between April 9 and April 21, hackers infiltrated at least 500 customer records. It was disclosed to California regulators because of the size of the information theft.

“We recently learned that three employees of one of our vendors accessed some AT&T customer accounts without proper authorization,” the company said in a statement. “We have taken steps to help prevent this from happening again, we are notifying affected customers, and we have reported this matter to law enforcement.”

No other information on the incident was provided by AT&T. Read more …

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One response to “AT&T confirms hackers took Social Security and call records

  1. Mark Burrows

    It is a simple fact. Anything electronic that uses lined or open airwaves can be hacked. The onus is on the various companies to keep changing and updating the systems and methods of security encryption. Allowing this to lag in order to save money gives all that much more time for hackers to ply their trade.
    A great deal of hacking is actually done internally within companies by employees. All the more reason to keep the encryption on a constant flow of resourcing and restructure. Top security programming personal are not the culprits because they would not jeopardize their job, but it they are not contracted to explore and purchase new software systems their hands are tied.
    So, no matter how much AT&T apologizes, it is their fault and problem that this happened because they wanted to shave twenty or thirty thousand dollars off their billions of dollars of profit and put into someone’s pocket. It’s what capitalists do, they cut corners.

    Mark Burrows

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