Fraudulent promoter given six years for grand theft in Idaho Falls scam

An Idaho Falls man was sentenced to prison on charges of grand theft Tuesday for scamming Riverbend Communications, according to KIFI TV news.

Ryan D. Thueson, 34, was ordered to serve up to eight years in prison – two years fixed and six years indeterminate for misleading the business into believing he was an events promoter, but instead took monies and did not fulfill services.

In September last year, Riverbend Communications said Thueson, doing business as 78 Productions, took money promising to bring Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum and others into Idaho Falls area to perform. Riverbend Communications set up an escrow account to guarantee the appearances, and entrusted it to Thueson. The money was collected over a period from September 2012 to September 2013.

According to police reports, Thueson claimed to be working with the entertainer’s promoter, but event communications and the promoter were fictitious.

Thueson will be eligible for parole after two years, Bonneville County Prosecutor Bruce Pickett said.  7th District Court ordered Thueson to pay $228,500 in restitution to Riverbend. Pickett said the fine was based on the amount of money stolen.

In exchange for a guilty plea, prosecutors dismissed charges of forgery and using a computer to defraud or get money or services.

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One response to “Fraudulent promoter given six years for grand theft in Idaho Falls scam

  1. Mark Burrows

    It is always great to hear about criminals getting caught and justice being served. The only thing that bothers me here is the weakness of the prosecutions. One thing I have trouble with is tolerating plea bargaining. If they catch the guy, charge him, and his lawyer has found a loophole to assure a total dismiss unless they plea bargain, to me that is a confession of guilt. The evidence is still out there and exists, but when it is in a middle of a trial, the court costs are building, and trust me, not all of them are placed solely on the plaintiff or the defender they are meted out to the taxpayers. Well, If I must pay for justice, then let it be full and complete. Criminals deserve to have the entire book thrown at them. Criminals should have their entire accounts cleared and their estate dissolved and sold to pay back first the victim, then the legal system, then the rest should go to ease the shoulders of the taxpayers. The criminals should go to prisons that are actually trade instruction that when upon release they will have descent earn work in construction, road work, sanitation, and heavy equipment operators. This of course would not apply to murderers or other equally heinous or odious criminals. Those have no place back among society.

    Mark Burrows

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