Yorkie puppy scam nearly hooks Idaho Falls woman

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

When it finally got to the price of the Yorkshire Terrier puppy, Louise Baker of Idaho Falls was taken back.

“I wrote them back and asked why so little,” she says. “He said the only reason why they were having a knock-off price is because his fiancé will have a baby in about two weeks and he needed a new home for the puppies ASAP to ‘give way for the nursery and play room for my kids.”

It seemed odd the cost of the puppy, veterinarian papers, shipping crate and transportation would only be $450. She said next day delivery from Cincinnati, Ohio, was possible if the transaction was closed immediately.

She became even more suspicious when the seller only wanted to deal with her by text or email, and contacted Better Business Bureau. She said she wanted to talk to someone by phone before ordering and they refused. She had her granddaughter look at everything and she, too, decided it had to be a scam.

BBB searched the email address and there are people who have posted that they paid for and never received their dogs. When BBB called the number (740-537-0484), it was a Verizon disconnected number response.

BBB warns consumers that classified ads offering purebred puppies free or at prices that seem too good to be true she be avoided. Beware of Internet sellers asking for full payment before seeing documentation, other than a photograph, that the puppy is healthy and, sometimes, real.

Follow these tips to avoid pet buying scams:

  • Beware of ads with multiple misspellings and grammatical errors; many pet scams come from overseas and scammers often do not have a firm grasp on the English language.
  • Do not send or wire money to people you do not know.
  • If purchasing a pedigreed pet, be sure the breeder provides documentation of the parents’ registration with the appropriate kennel club. This ensures that the pet is in fact a legitimate pure-bred animal. It is then your responsibility to register your pet with the appropriate kennel club.



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2 responses to “Yorkie puppy scam nearly hooks Idaho Falls woman

  1. Mark Burrows

    First, let me point out that in the world of purchasing an animal for either personal or professional reasons, such as a pet or a racehorse, there are organizations of breeders associations. They have a purpose, that is to monitor and control the assurance of the integrity of the breeds that are desired.
    Why people fail to contact a breeders association before they seek to purchase an animal, whether it is the pride of owning a certain species as a pet or are interested in a hobby breeding experience. These associations are a fountain of information, education, and direction in doing the proper and correct way.
    Thus, the importance of proper documentation and paperwork. Anything that is of suspect should be dealt with as of in the case presented here of Louis Baker who did an admiral job of it.
    It comes to mind of a quote from Canadian teacher, political scientist, writer and humorist Stephen Leacock that states. Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.
    Scams are a perversion and a form of false advertising that is a scourge of modern society that leads us down blind alleys of poor judgement. Louis Baker was not so obviously enamored by the ruse. If only everyone could learn this practice it could reduce the mass of scams.
    Point being, do not be so easily guiled by trying to save money because you actually may be losing money and gain nothing but hurt.
    As always, let the buyer beware prevails.

    Mark Burrows

  2. I live in Wyoming and sent 250.00 same#

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