Robo calls still troublesome when least expected

By Robb Hicken/BBB’s chief storyteller 
Boise resident Hal Rossow has been on the DNC for more years than he can
“Although federal law prohibits solicitors from robodialing cell phone numbers, I get a lot,” Rossow says of the Do Not Call registry provided by the Federal Trade Commission.
During the past week, he says he has received two identical calls generated from a computer system that automatically dials numbers and send out a message of distress.
“Twice I have received a call on my cell phone, a recorded message stating that my MasterCard account has been frozen,” he says.
The caller ID simply states “673-15.” The call urges the recipient to press “5” to be transferred to the fraud department where more information is required. The required information is your credit card.
“Although I am a savvy senior and wouldn’t fall for it, the irony is that I don’t have a MasterCard!” Rossow says. “I am concerned for those who do have a MasterCard.”
Other Better Business Bureau’s were reporting calls from consumers reporting the same message. BBB had calls from consumers who received the same call. 
One consumer did press “1” and was told to enter in her debit card number and pin.
How did the scammers get your phone number?  These scammers are the same scammers who have hacked into databases and stolen information like phone numbers, emails, etc.



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One response to “Robo calls still troublesome when least expected

  1. Mark Burrows

    In addition to that, I get more random calls on my land line that are actually searching for the digital signal of a cellular phone, as I live in an area where home and cell numbers can have the same prefix. They are looking for the digital answer to start sending text or a recorded robo message. If the pick up is analog then it disconnects immediately. For the most part, I keep my cell phone off when I am home. I have it set to clear all messages except for the ones that are on my contact list. So, when I do power it up. I don’t have a whole whack of mystery calls or messages sitting there.
    There is nothing in the world that is so important that they cannot reach me by land line, post, or email which is blocked from my cellphone. I only read my email from my computer or tablet.
    Off the topic. I had an interesting call the other day on my land line. Some one called and asked for Mrs. Burrows. I asked from what source did he garner information that a Mrs. Burrows resided at this residence. He started to back down immediately saying there must be some misinformation, then I said, there once was a Mrs. Burrows, do you have a first name? No sorry, I do not. Then you are phishing for some kind of a sale that only appeals to women, which is not only bias but highly suspicious. The caller hung up.
    Of course, there was no called ID on my phone. Yet, I still know I had the young man sweating a little.

    Mark Burrows

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