Rupert area seniors invited to attend free Scam Jam

Senior citizens are favorite targets of scammers. A Senior Scam Jam will be Wednesday, May 7, at the Wilson Theater to provide opportunities for seniors to learn to protect themselves from the latest trends in frauds and scams. Sen. Dean Cameron, R-Rupert, will welcome participants and provide an overview of the day’s events.Scam-Jam-guy

Keynote speaker Attorney General Lawrence Wasden will offer seniors a scam prevention strategy: The Art of Saying No. Idaho Department of Insurance director Bill Deal will present information and scams related to health care reform and insurance fraud.

Senior Scam Jam will run from 8 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. and includes continental breakfast, a free lunch and door prizes. This event is free, but seating is limited. Seniors are encouraged to register by calling toll-free 877-926-8300. Registration will close May 2.

The best defense against fraud is becoming and staying informed. Attendees will hear a panel of experts discuss identity theft. Other presentations include Investment Fraud, Medicare Fraud, and Credit Scores and Fraud. County law enforcement officials will also participate in a panel discussion.

The Senior Scam Jam is sponsored by the Idaho Department of Insurance, Idaho Department of Finance, the Idaho Commission on Aging’s Senior Medicare Patrol Program, AARP, Idaho Legal Aid, Idaho Bankers Association, Idaho Credit Union League, Better Business Bureau and University of Idaho Extension.


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One response to “Rupert area seniors invited to attend free Scam Jam

  1. Mark Burrows

    I don’t live in your area, but if I did I would be extremely prepared to address all issues being discussed directly at the Senator. Since he is an elected official it is his responsibility to answer questions to the people even if he is not in his own district. His obligation to the people is his obligation to the government. Any denial and backpedaling would show that the man is simply showcasing, and fails as a representative of the people.
    All of these issues are important, and people deserve a clear answer of how the government are at least trying to address the issues. The people should have a right to know if any bills or laws are being drawn up in congress to create more clear definitions of the crimes being committed in the realm of scams. The people need to know that the people perpetrating the crime are defined as criminals and therefore subject to severe prosecution in a court of law. The people need to know that justice is being served and that there are laws to protect them.
    Yes, it is all very good to have these gatherings and learn ways to protect ourselves against techniques that are being employed by the confidence artists, but the flaw here is that they are targeting only the seniors. I find that both biased and quite frankly without fact. Yes, seniors are a favorite target, but so are the gullible, the greedy, and the ignorant. Trust me, there are far far many more of those than seniors.
    What you are implying here is that seniors are by large feeble minded and vulnerable. You must believe me that is far from the truth. Yes, a good number do suffer from natural aging process of forgetfulness, but that is mostly names. Yes Alzheimer’s is much more common in seniors, but having them attend such an event would server no purpose at all, because all they will likely remember is the lunch.
    I am not being cruel, I am being factual, I am the psychologist, and I am the scientist of human behavior. I am learned in both the mental health aspect as well as the mental objectives of humanity.
    These junkets would better serve the gullible, the greedy, and the ignorant. Yet, there is the problem of gathering them without labeling them. So the only solution is to make it an open venue to all and everyone.
    You may respond by saying that you are taking the approach one step at a time. There is no time for that. As soon as you plug one hole, three more will spring up. You’ll eventually drown in your attempt to get the message out. Therefore, I just answered your next question of economics, that doing a larger campaign would cost too much money. Well, doing small campaigns by piecemeal will always add up more in an aggregate total then a huge well organized campaign will. Also, as I just said, you will drown in a slow process, and what costs you have put into it were a loss in failure.
    This is why government needs to be pushed. Government sometimes has to be grounded and realize that they need to get back to serving the people whom have put them in office.
    They seem to forget that crime fighting is good business. They can impress upon these people extremely high fines and court costs, and instead of putting them in prison assign them to a term of public service. That is the way many crimes should be dealt with instead of taxpayers paying for them to loaf around in prison, because once released they don’t find comfort in the outside world and will commit another crime to be sent back in. Yet, if we take away their money, and make them labor at cleaning the streets, highways, and parks. Getting trained to do road work and repair. Then they are forced to do honest work, of which they will be monitored, part of their income will go against any outstanding fine, and they will have to pay annual taxes just like every other working taxpayer.
    Yet, this concept never seems to sink in. They just keep building prisons, then next more luxurious than the last. The criminals are not paying for the prisons by their crimes, we, the taxpayers are. Here lay the irony.
    When someone is caught for a crime, we all cheer and hope he is locked up forever and they throw away the key. Well, you must understand we also have this thing called human rights and because of that, prisoners are no longer abused or misused by guards and the prison system. They have all the comforts. The only thing they lack is total privacy and freedom to walk outside the prison walls. So, they just put themselves in a mindset that they are in a hospital for long term but without the nurses, because that is not much different, no total privacy and can’t leave the hospital.
    Even the Scared Straight program has been dissolved, because prison life is no longer the horror or nightmare it use to be.
    Yet, we still fall under the spell of, if you don’t want to go to prison, you better smarten up. Chew on that for a moment before you talk to your representative of the government.

    Mark Burrows

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