One response to “Hope Mr.Thomas didn’t get his law degree from Idaho!

  1. Mark Burrows

    Hey, I might have written something like that. Maybe in a Grade Seven English class and got a mean looking red F complete with equally angry circle total ineptitude. You see, my Seventh Grade English teacher quite strict about proper grammar, punctuation, and writing etiquette. I really wasn’t all that bad, but I might just do it to annoy her.
    Still, although my writing skills are neither perfect nor anywhere near proper because that would take the humor out of it, I still bless that teacher for allowing me to see the errors in others that I naturally ignore in myself, simply because I am not a threat.
    No, that email has far too many red flags. The first one is obvious, it is an email and not a document on the firms letterhead sent through the post which would be the proper way a legal representative would relay such a missive, not via email.
    The first line had me giggling already, sorry, with the phrasing, I started reading it with a Mexican accent. He didn’t describe himself as one of the senior partners or attorneys, of the firm, just the small word “a” then Senior Attorney Adam Thomas.
    The next laugh was being legally prosecuted in the Court House. Not the judicial field such as municipal court, county court, state court, federal court or even supreme court, no just the Court House.
    The last paragraph just falls into nonsense. I reread it to find more funny stuff, and there is was. It was regard that the receiver of the email was already involved in the lawsuit and doing fraud and civil litigation. So, is that some kind of oxymoron? Because if he was doing a civil litigation then he was on the prosecuting end of seeking justice, so, how could he be guilty of fraud at the same time?
    The only thing I can think of is a fake lawyer, which of course makes this all that much more hilarious.

    Mark Burrows

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