takes the shirt off your back, does not deliver

Consumers from all over have turned to Better Business Bureau with complaints about online retailer The complaints allege that purchased T-shirts were not received. Some complainants report receiving an e-mail from the company saying the “item has been shipped,” though it never arrived. Others report receiving shipping and tracking information that could not be verified. has an “F” rating with BBB. During the past three years, BBB has received 47 complaints from customers across the U.S. and Canada. The company’s failure to resolve the underlying cause of the pattern of complaint and lack of responsiveness contribute to the failing grade. BBB Serving Wisconsin, where the company is based, attempted many times to contact the company and work with them to resolve these issues. Currently, the site says it is closed.

BBB recommends the following tips when doing business with an online retailer:

Check first. Look up the BBB Business Review on for detailed information about the company including owner information and history of complaints.

  1. Don’t do business with an online retailer if you cannot easily find and verify a physical address and working phone number.

Pay securely. Be sure to only use secure websites with the prefix “https” rather than just “http.” Use a credit card to pay for items you purchase online so that you can dispute the charges if there is a problem (bank debit cards do not offer this same level of protection). Never pay using wire transfer or prepaid debit cards, as these cannot be easily tracked or retrieved in the case of dissatisfaction or fraud.

Comparison shop.  Be leery of advertised prices that are lower than retail or trusted online competitors. Everyone is looking for a bargain, but tantalizingly low prices should be a red flag.

Pay close attention. Many phony websites are scams designed to steal your credit card and other personal identifying information. It’s easy to spoof the design, colors and text of legitimate sites. Look at the web address and avoid sites with “http” instead of the more secure “https;” look for spelling and grammatical errors; watch for area codes that don’t match the supposed physical place of the company.

Check for security seals. When shopping online, look for the seals of trusted organizations and confirm that the business’s use of the seal is legitimate (it should link back to the certifying organization’s site). If you see the BBB Accredited Business seal on a website, make sure it links back to the company’s BBB Business Review at Any other link could be a fake.


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  1. Mark Burrows

    You can use the exact same complaints about Amazon as they have made the mistake of trying to be a third party connection between seller and customer. They offer no guarantees and if you don’t receive a product that you purchased through them for a third party, they will tell you, that they have received information that the product has been shipped and the seller has been paid. Any further inquiries must go directly to the seller.
    This is called high risk online purchasing. Hint, if it is not an Amazon product from an Amazon supplier, don’t buy it unless you are prepared to accept the loss and/or the product not being what you expected or even damaged. You will get no support from Amazon in third party situations.
    PayPal on the other hand is different and tends to go to bat for the customer and will arbitrate any differences between seller and end user. PayPal has more respect for customers using their service. Yet, it is not to be taken lightly, you have to know the ropes, and have experience using different services to create a judgement.
    Many will disagree think Amazon is amazing and eBay and it’s financial system PayPal are lousy. Well, those are merely opinions and not from having direct communication with directors of operations of such online businesses, which I have done. I am not one to be seduced by a silver tongue. I am highly coiled and prepared to defend with venom.
    Yes, small businesses come and go online as they do on the streets of your own town. They are overjoyed with what they make and tend to over celebrate and over spend. That leads to being less attentive of the job, feeling that you have a gold mine, but forgetting that if you don’t actually mine the ore, you will not profit from it.
    Are these people always out to rip you off? No, they just get in over their heads, and like any normal person, the bills pile up, the rent gets backed up, and then it’s hard to put food on the table. Nobody loves you when you’re down and out. So instead of seeking help of getting some financial aide, they grab what little they have and close up shop, again forgetting about outstanding orders that have been prepaid, and the guilt of telling people that they did ship trying to save face because they didn’t have enough for shipping materials or carrier charges that day.
    I am not asking anyone to feel sorry for them, they made the bad choice of not keeping a level head and building up their wealth before they spent it. Many are too quick to improve when they haven’t yet paid for the equipment that they have started with. They think that having investors throw money at them is a fast way to success. No, it is having investors looking over your shoulders telling you what to do as if because it’s their money, as if they have the right to tell the director how to direct the movie. If you are making money, make some first, know that you have a good thing, and when it has paid for itself, then you can consider expanding or exploring investor options. Hit and run businesses, fail to do such. So, no, you can not feel sorrow or pity for them.
    It is proper for you to complain to the BBB, and in turn it is proper for them to investigate. Yet it is not proper for you to assume that people were intentionally out to rip you off. You might just be a victim of circumstance. As a person with a sense of humanity have to accept that it is just the way the cookie crumbles. You can be upset at the loss, but it does not give you cause or justification to accuse everyone guilty of criminal activity.

    Mark Burrows

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