Scammers beware, groups unite in Scam Jam 2014

Jacqui Gilbert

When LC Rotary Club President Jacqui Gilbert in Lewiston heard the Scam Jam program was coming to the area, she knew immediately this was something the club could get behind and make a difference.

“Anybody that’s a senior or a caregiver and wants to know about some of the local scams going on out there, and some tools to prevent them from affecting you, should attend,” Gilbert says. “This is a great conference for you to be included in.”

Senior citizens are favorite targets of scammers, according to statewide Scam Jam 2014 spokeswoman Tricia Carney. The daylong Senior Scam Jam will be Thursday, April 3, at the Williams Conference Center at Lewis-Clark State College to provide opportunities for seniors to learn to protect themselves from the latest trends in frauds and scams.

Keynote speaker, Lawrence Wasden, Idaho Attorney General, will offer seniors a scam prevention strategy: The Art of Saying No. Bill Deal, Director of the Idaho Department of Insurance, will present information and scams related to health care reform. Chief Steven Orr of the Lewiston Police Department will give an overview of scams prevalent in the region.

The Senior Scam Jam will run from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and will include a continental breakfast, a free lunch and door prizes. This event is free, but seating is limited. Registration closes March 31. Seniors are encouraged to register by calling toll-free 877-926-8300.

“The best defense against fraud is becoming and staying informed,” BBB’s chief storyteller Robb Hicken says. “Speakers will educate seniors about investment and Medicare fraud, caregiver scams and the psychology of fraud. Attendees will learn how to prevent abuse of advance directives and how to scam proof their homes.”

Lewis Clark Recyclers will provide shredding services on site for event participants. Free shredding is limited to 20 pounds per event participant – about two paper grocery sacks.

The Senior Scam Jam is sponsored by the Idaho Department of Insurance, Idaho Department of Finance, the Idaho Commission on Aging’s Senior Medicare Patrol Program, AARP, Idaho Legal Aid, Idaho Bankers Association, Idaho Credit Union League, Better Business Bureau, Lewiston-Clarkston Sunrise Rotary Club, Lewiston Tribune, Idaho Crime Prevention Association, and Big Country 97.7.


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One response to “Scammers beware, groups unite in Scam Jam 2014

  1. Mark Burrows

    Gosh! No one thought to invite me as a speaker? Just kidding, I couldn’t afford the time to come anyway. My engagements are booked almost a year in advance and I only do a few a year. As I am retired, I can’t be recognized as a working professional, but can be recognized as still being active in volunteering with benefits.
    This is a great idea to present this seminar, the only thing that is seems rushed is that it is only one day, and it is limited. Yet, I can understand, you don’t exactly have a bunch of high rollers listed as sponsors of the event. For the most part, the sponsors are societies that are in sore need of funding themselves.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have great admiration for the Rotary Club, but they are hard people to donate money to. Yet, if you offered them hamburger, wieners, buns, cans of soda, and various condiments they are more than happy to accept those. They are determined to work for the money they raise, and one can not but admire that. Their sense of cause is so strong in the community they abide in. They will help build playgrounds, and quietly help certain individuals that are recognized as in need but with a little help can be nudged back to mainstream social status in the community.
    Their only problem is maintaining a solid membership that is fully dedicated to not only showing up for meetings, but also being involved in what it takes to set up and run an event. It is sad when there is only four elder members of the Rotary Club setting up and serving their kitchen trailer at a public event, because everyone else seems to be busy elsewhere, but not so busy to come by to see how things are going and weasel a free hot dog as a member courtesy.
    Okay, I’m a bit biased, one of my best friends is the president of my local chapter of the Rotary Club, and although I am not a member, I do pitch in to help him out from time to time, simply because he is a personal friend. He also knows that I am supportive of several other charity clubs and organizations and refuse to join any of them because I do not wish to show favoritism. Yes, I do volunteer for other organizations during public events, so when fair season is in full bloom, you might think I have doppelgangers all over the place, but it’s just me running from one place to the next filling in when needed.

    Mark Burrows

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