One response to “Same letters make same promise: Don’t fall for money laundering scheme

  1. Mark Burrows

    It is like greed has blown a fuse in the part of your brain where logic and common sense reside. Well, that goes for the ones that temp you with money. But the ones that ask for donations because of some horrible tyranny or misuse of justice, those small donations only get thrown into coffers that grow into millions. How do you know whether they are legit or not? Well one way is if they provide a proper tax exempt receipt for your donation. Some organizations will even put somewhere in small print that they do not provide any receipts. Sorry, but I will not make any kind of a donation that isn’t tax exempt. Wow, come to think about it. What about all of those churches that pass the plate? There are no receipts handed out, there is no record of who gave how much. Only God knows if you gave fairly. Yet, if there is no accounting, and such religions are tax exempt, who is to say where the monies collected truly go. In the case of one particular religion it goes to their head office, and it is hoarded among many of the greatest treasures of the world. Now, some more practical religions will ask for a tithe and will provide a receipt for that tithe paid for tax purposes. Such churches are required to maintain an accounting and such accounts are kept separate, built upon and used to erect more churches, thus purchase lands, they use the money to send members out to teach the Word of God. They also use the money to teach the poor, how to read, how to write, how to fish, how to farm, and how to improve their way of life. Such churches will be there for disaster relief.
    The reason I am mentioning all of this is because, there is no country that there is not religion, and if people need help that is where they should turn, not send out emails that are so blatantly obvious as scams.
    If the FBI say that many people fall for these, then I can only blame the system for falling apart, the lack of proper education, the lack of concern of where and what children are doing, and the abundant laziness of society for not getting up and doing anything about it.
    They need to wake up. Scam artists are terrorists in their own right. The more money we give them, the more power they will have, they will become more bold, more creative, come up with more effective methods and it will cost them little to do so, the bulk of their money they will spend on lavish life styles and drugs, which will attract only more criminals to the unfettered way they spend. Those in turn will attract the drug lords and the warlords, which in turn will attract any corrupted dictatorship, radical power group, or any sub society looking for easy cash. They will endorse and support these scams so they can use your money to plot their diabolical plans of terror and destruction against you. Do you understand?
    Look, it is really simple. Stick to what you are familiar with and trust. If there is any question or doubt in your mind, do not make any decisions without talking it out with several people, family, friends, and a few acquaintances. If just one person points out it is a scam, then it is a high risk that it is. There are several scam busting sites on the internet and a little research will lead you to them. Such emails as you will receive will show up there post haste.

    Mark Burrows

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