One response to “Scam Alert – Sophisticated con preys on Verizon customers

  1. Mark Burrows

    Well, yes, the first question would be, “Why would Verizon Wireless call me on my home phone?” They are particular in the communication business as like everyone else, do not do what is called cold calling. Cold calling is using the phone directory to make calls to an area you want to work, not knowing any information other than the information supplied in the directory the call made is referred to as a cold call. It is the job of the agent to turn it into a hot lead and pass it onto a sales representative, if it is not the sales rep doing the cold calling.
    The cold call has been one of the greatest tool of the scam artist, the problem is, what information they ask for. If they are truly genuine, they will want to do business face to face, not over the phone.
    Never, ever conduct business over the phone, you are always at peril if you do. The only time it is acceptable is when you make the call to services that you already deal with and wish to make changes or upgrades to your existing service. These phone numbers are always printed on their bills or posted on their secure website to which you already gain access to by your specific password to that site. These days, you can perform many of the changes and upgrades while online, and they will always send you and email of confirmation.
    As pointed out in the initial posting. Beware of departure from the normal routine. As I often suggest, when in doubt, with a phone call, ask the person to send you the information in the post. If they refuse or tell you that it is a limited time offer or you were exclusively chosen, it doesn’t matter, you still have the right to demand documentation. If they won’t then you know they are up to no good. If they ask for your address, they really are not who they say they are because all of your services are aware of your current address.
    Simply, never provide information to an incoming call. An easy rule to follow. Your answer should be either not interested or send me some documentation so you can mull it over.

    Mark Burrows

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