Target takes steps to protect consumer data, BBB part of cyber security team

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Target is sending out emails to anyone who may have shopped at one of their stores during the holiday shopping season.

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

Like millions of others, she contacted Target, checked her credit card statements, and contacted her banks. She thought everything was taken care of.

“I received an email from Target saying I was eligible to have my credit monitored for a year due to the hacking of their accounts,” she says.

While the contact by Target was unexpected, she was relieved. Target detailed on Monday how the free credit monitoring works. As many as 70 million customers may have lost credit and debit cards data between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15.

Rotell’s next call was to the Better Business Bureau to verify that the authenticity of the email she’d received.

The email explained the year of free credit monitoring and identity theft protection offered customers and the three-month activation period. (If you were affected: Go to and register before April 23. Visit is at Target’s website or call 866-852-8680.)

In addition to email contact, the company advertised in major newspapers across the United States taking responsibility for the data breach, apologizing to their customers, and offering solutions. Those solutions include the convening of “a coalition to help educate the public on the dangers of consumer scams.”

BBB, National Cyber Security Alliance, and National CyberForensics and Training Alliance will participate in the coalition. BBB educates consumers and businesses on how to protect themselves from these types of fraud.

“Working with this new cybersecurity coalition is a good way to leverage and promote BBB’s mission of advancing trust in the marketplace,” says Kathrine Hutt, director of communications for Council of Better Business Bureau.


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One response to “Target takes steps to protect consumer data, BBB part of cyber security team

  1. Mark Burrows

    Wait!!! There is a tad of a red flag here. They are offering a free monitoring service, but only as a three month activation. This make me suspicious of how many people were actually effected, how or if they were compensated for their loss through card insurance, or whether Target did any compensation. Now they offer something free for only three months? Maybe this was a scheme to get people to purchase this monitoring system all along. I certainly would not put it past any big business chain to do so. They are no different than anyone else trying to sell you extra insurance policies just because you are a member of their bank, or a user of their credit card. It’s not that they are all ready profiting from you, they have this insatiable desire to profit even more.

    Mark Burrows

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