Florida operation busted for deceptive medical alert robocalls

A Florida operation engaging in pushing medical alert devices to seniors has been shut down by a U.S. district court at the request of the Florida Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission.
phone calls

The court temporarily halted and froze the assets of an Orlando-based operation that used deceptive, pre-recorded “robocalls” to pitch medical alert devices. The calls allegedly claimed to senior citizens that the devices were free and falsely represented that they had been purchased for them by a relative or friend.

They also allegedly made consumers believe the devices were endorsed by various health organizations and that there would be no charge before the devices were activated.

The FTC and Florida Attorney General are seeking a court order that would permanently ban the defendants from engaging in allegedly fraudulent and illegal conduct and seeking restitution for consumers.

The defendants include: 1) Worldwide Info Services, Inc., also doing business as  The Credit Voice; 2) Elite Information Solutions Inc., also doing business as The Credit Voice; 3) Absolute Solutions Group Inc, also doing business as The Credit Voice; 4) Global Interactive Technologies, Inc., also doing business as The Credit Voice Inc.; 5) Global Service Providers, Inc.; 6) The Credit Voice, Inc, also doing business as TCV; 7) Live Agent Response 1 LLC, also doing business as LAR; 8) Arcagen, Inc., also doing business as ARI; 9) American Innovative Concepts, Inc.; 10) Unique Information Services Inc.; 11) Michael Hilgar; 12) Gary Martin; and 13) Joseph Settecase.



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5 responses to “Florida operation busted for deceptive medical alert robocalls

  1. Mark Burrows

    Robocalls are generally one of the easiest things to detect because when you answer there is a delay before the call starts. This is enough of a red flag to tell me to hang up. It’s simple logic, I really only want to hear from either people I know or services I am familiar with. I am more amused to get a wrong number phone call than to get some opportunist trying to sell me or offer me something whether I need it or not.
    More simple than that, When I want or need something, I will do my own research and shopping. If I reach a point in my life I am no longer confident of this, I will rely upon whom ever I choose to handle my personal affairs which will likely be one of my children. I am fortunate to have children that have grown to be conscious and responsible adults that I can trust not to abuse any privilege I bestow upon them. Besides, I always would have a law firm to keep an eye open to any unusual activity in the affairs of my estate.
    My point being is that rather than being annoyed and bothered by such calls, it is a less stressful comfort to just hang up and ignore them.
    Believe me, robocalls are not that persistent. If they do not get a handshake on the connection, they might try a couple more times and then move on. Time is money, and they will not waste time on hang ups.

    Mark Burrows



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