2013 – TOP 10 investigations in Snake River Region

1) Overstock Clearance – Just before the holiday online shopping crush, this website – http://www.overstockclearancemart.com – appeared offering high-end, high-priced items at extremely low prices. BBB investigation showed the company was shipping from Nampa, Idaho. No such site existed, and a national investigation shut the website down.

2) Zeek Rewards – BBB was flooded with calls from people in eastern Idaho who invested in Zeekler.com and Zeek Rewards. The company operated a penny auction site and affiliates program based in Davidson County, N.C. Investors were promised a share of net profits, but were paid out cash rewards from the payments of new investors. In November, refunds had begun.

3) Idaho Promotes – A local promoter has baited and switched businesses wishing to take part in several events in the Treasure Valley, cost business owners investment, time and lost revenues. Owner Kasey Thompson continues to promote events in the region.

4) Cargo Management – A Boise man was investigated by the FBI, Postal Inspectors and Boise Police after he became involved in a shipping scam linked to the Russian Mafia. BBB looks into “Work at Home” scams.

5) American Monument – An Ogden, Utah, company failed to deliver headstones to Idaho residents after the company owner died. An investigation by authorities showed the owner was in debt. BBB worked with local providers to get headstones that were in the Ogden warehouse turned over to Idaho residents that had prepaid.

6 ) Global VIP; Cars WI; Astoria Motors –Auto sales websites claiming to be in Boise,  Idaho Falls and Nampa appeared across the region. The companies were allegedly selling high-end vehicles for below blue book prices. All fraudulent websites were reported and shut  down

7) ROI Unlimited- A national group of people who enroll new people with the promise of learning the secrets of success while earning money. The pyramid organization is based on new members purchasing items, and returns being passed to older members.

8) International Corporate Event – Several condo and timeshare owners were talked into paying large sums of money to a Texas-based firm that promised to sell their properties in Mexico.  The company’s promise was immediate relief. The case was turned over to the Texas AG’s office.

9) Ubergold Parties – Parties designed to sell unwanted and unused jewelry or coins in specialty parties. Outcome is people can sell gold for less than they deserve. Prices for gold this year reached all-time highs.

10) ARF – Local company pushed donation boxes as a way to help the local Humane Society. The company site states it donates, but the Humane Society never signed any agreement to allow its name to be used in advertising. Humane Society officials said they received checks, but encouraged people who wanted to give to go directly to the site.

Dishonorable mention – Online Dating scam – An Oregon man reported he’d been seduced online into opening a fraudulent banking account with a Colorado woman, who then deposited stolen checks, took the money, and left. He, in turn, alerted his bank, police and FBI about the scheme.


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  1. Mark Burrows

    The only one that has been a slight nuisance to me was overstock clearance mart. I only say slight in the sense that their emails only have shown up in my junk mail, so it is treated much like any flyer that comes through the post, directly into the recycle bin set by the mail boxes in the foyer. I send such emails to never never land.

    Mark Burrows

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