Package delivery without uncertainty

USPS expects to deliver 420 million packages to awaiting consumers this holiday shopping season. Thieves are taking advantage of  potentially valuable deliveries, sometimes even following a delivery truck, to steal package from doorsteps. Package thefts have been reported all across the country this December. If you still have online purchases to make, follow these simple steps from your BBB to make sure your holiday gifts make it under the Christmas tree in time for the big day.

  • Track your delivery – You’ll receive a tracking number with your online order. Follow the whereabouts of your merchandise online. Some delivery services offer notifications for each step of your package’s journey. Contact the seller/company immediately if your package is not received when indicated. You may also want to tell your local police department.

  • Choose a delivery time that fits your schedule – You can ask a delivery time when you know you will be available to accept the package. Some delivery services now offer evening drop-offs and the ability to schedule appointments for delivery. Having the shipment delivered to your work address is also an option, but first check for company permission to do so.

  • Request a confirmation signature – The delivery service won’t leave the package unattended if you ask signature confirmation upon delivery.

  • Choose alternative delivery options – Give specific delivery instructions. You can ask to have the shipping company hold the package at its delivery center and you pick it up there or have the item shipped to the retailer’s nearest store for in-store pickup.

  • Insure valuable items – Purchase delivery insurance and insure your merchandise against loss or damage.

Open your delivery upon receipt to check for damage or signs of tampering. Contact the seller immediately if you believe something is wrong with the shipment or if it’s not what you ordered. Also, be sure to check the seller’s return policy for damaged or unwanted items.

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One response to “Package delivery without uncertainty

  1. Mark Burrows

    Ordering online is always a risky business, but it can be done with a certain amount of confidence. I really is not much different from the old days of mail ordering from a catalog either through a toll free number of the dreaded snail mail.
    It is just a simple matter of using well known sites that are willing to arbitrate for you if case of loss or non delivery. Then deciding on mode of transport. For high cost items, it is best to equally spend the extra to optimize your delivery so that you sign for it. If it is a low cost item, then it is not cost efficient to spend more than you must to get it there. Late is always better than never. Besides, I rather go to my local post office to pick up a package then risk having some one sitting in my apartment lobby receive it. My regular mail carrier knows me, and if it not my regular carrier or had to come on a truck they ask for ID before handing over the package. I also have given permission to my building manager to receive my packages. I’m his go to guy for his computer problems, and other inquiries. He respects my knowledge base, and I get a bit of an impression that he uses it to for his own purposes to flatter other tenants. So, okay, I admit guilt of using this for my own sense of security on the premises. It is an odd kind of a trust relationship, but it works in my favor.
    The point is, have a network set up for receiving packages, never allow packages to be left on your stoop or between your screen and inner door. Always make sure that who ever is doing the delivering is clear that it must go into your hands, or a designated person’s hands. Make sure that if you have a cell phone, they have that number so they can contact you. Often they can call you for instructions if you are not home at time of delivery so they do not have to leave a stick it notice, that children love to spot and remove and put them on other doors in other neighborhoods for their own bit of entertainment, or they disappear by other means. I hate the stick it.

    Mark Burrows

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