8 responses to “Facebook does not have an international lottery; Pierson image used in scam

  1. Mark Burrows

    Red flag here is International Lottery. They simply do not exist. They can not exist. The simple reasoning is you can not pick up winnings from one country and easily move them to another. Just for an example. A Canadian goes to Las Vegas and wins a huge amount of money on the pull of a slot machine. Well the big cash ones, the cash does not actually come flowing out of the machine instead it makes a tremendous amount of racket with bells, whistles, and clanging not to mention lights flashing everywhere. A crowd comes rushing over and the winner is frozen on the spot. Then a casino official shows up and photos are taken and you are rushed off to an office where the paperwork begins. Uh oh, the IRS takes a huge chunk, then there are state and federal taxes deducted, and let’s not forget the ever popular fees. The Canadian does not walk away with such a great payload after all. Then he returns to Canada only to find when tax time comes he gets an extra tax form where he has to claim his Vegas winnings as income. Ouch. Now, if he won a Canadian lottery, it would be tax free. Now, in Canada there are services that can reclaim some of the money that was taken by American officials because technically they take money based on a person being an American citizen. So these funds can be recovered, but it will cost you. Also more taxable income in Canada. Many Canadians get caught up in this and spend their winning when they get home because it was just a stroke of luck they didn’t expect but when they get hit with the tax form and don’t have the money left to pay the taxes, it takes ages to get the tax department paid off.
    Every country has it’s rules, for economical reasons they do not like to have their citizens moving money out of the country. They want them to spend it within the confines of their own borders. Simply because our spending is taxed and taxes pay for the services the governments supply, well that’s the concept anyway. Some governments rather use taxpayers money to try to parley with other countries, in hopes of winning their favor, which is never guaranteed thus is money thrown away. Others abuse money for pure opulence.
    Yet, not to stray from the subject at hand. Do not, under any circumstances ever consider any lottery through email or internet unless you know for absolute sure they are a genuine lottery corporation. Still, it is better to just go to a lottery kiosk in a mall or your favorite convenient store and purchase your favorite lottery tickets and scratch cards there.
    As far as Facebook goes. It really is a bad place to make friends unless you do it by checking up on applicants first by checking their profile to see what friends they have in common. If the common thread is some one you know very well then leave a message for them and get some inside information on the applicant.
    I reject on the average 15 people a day who want to be my friend.

    Mark Burrows

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  3. I have recently been contacted by a number of people saying I have won a lottery from Facebook and people are trying to steal the funds and been asked to fill out information I am just wondering if there is a contest I won and how to get the prize if there is one?

  4. Mark Burrows

    Let’s go at this from a different approach. There is no such thing as winning anything by random selection from the population. All contest, all lotteries, and all games for prizes and cash, you must first enter. It is NEVER the other way around that you would win then fill out the entry form, that is illogical, irrational, and quite frankly illegal.
    Some people might argue, what about TV game shows? Same thing, you walk in the door and before you enter the actual studio you have to sign a waiver to abide by the rules and regulations. You have agreed to enter the contest.
    This is the internet, just think for a moment how many millions of people get drawn into fabricated schemes.
    Anytime I get suspicions of things floating about on Facebook is I start by going to one of my favorite sites that chases down and abolishes urban myths and that is snopes.com. If they have not been made aware, I will provide what information I had discovered and they will go to work and chase it down. There are several sites that do this work, but snopes have been my go to site for years.

    Mark Burrows

  5. tarsh

    i have been contacted by a a person saying he is the manager from fb international lottery and that i have won some money, but i have to pay for a courier to deliver my cheque once i have done so through western union i am to contact him back with the reciept number, big scam isnt it

    • If you win a lottery, you will never have to pay to win. You have to pay to play, but the winnings have insurance, fees, taxes and everything else deducted before it is presented. Facebook is not running an international lottery and is not handing out prizes, awards, winnings, gifts, drawings, or any such entry. Please do not correspond with these people.

  6. Mark Burrows

    The real fantastic part of the whole affair is that Facebook is so far out of control that it would never be able to reign in the catastrophe of scams and other malicious crimes created thereof. The only logical thing to do would be is to shut it down, revamp it with a high security monitoring system and start it again where everyone has to reapply.
    After all, they do state Terms and Conditions, and just about everyone of those terms and conditions have been violated on Facebook, and yet they have done naught about it.
    They need to police and sweep their own site. Contact some of these people by phone and question their validity. They don’t have to check everyone, only ones they get complaints about and from random sweeps.
    It should not be the responsibility of the governments to police the internet as many are fearing, but it should lay upon the shoulders of the owners of the site who profit greatly through various avenues of advertising and site cooperation. If they make billions, it would only take a few million to create better security for the end users of the sight.
    This is not the case of Facebook, as it is in much of high corporation, profit has no consideration for spending money to put our minds at ease. The basic rule is they make up some rules to look good, call them terms and conditions, but they also double talk and somewhere in those terms and conditions there is something about that if we get screwed over, it is solely upon our shoulders and they will not accept any responsibility for actions communicated between parties through their site.
    After all, we did not pay for the use of the site, we only agreed to some rules, there was in fact, no contract.
    So, to wrap it up. Just say NO to everything. Only accept people that you know, not because you are curious, bored, or lonely. Those three elements lead to more people getting ripped off than plain stupidity.

    Mark Burrows

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