Roofers show integrity in attending first-ever meeting; learn ins-and-outs of permitting in Boise

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

Summer is a critical time for roofing contractors. Bad weather, cool snaps and wind all play into completion of a roof.

Not only do the elements factor in, but material delivery, local permitting, safety and employee delays weigh into the project.

“The time to do roofing is in such a compressed time that we thank you for pulling your permits,” Boise Building Division Manager Jenifer Gilliland says. “It shows you’re trying to do the right thing.”

Roofing contractors converged on the Better Business Bureau serving the Snake River Region in a show of integrity and honesty. City of Boise – Building Division and BBB invited roofers to an overview of legal requirements for roofing contractors working inside Boise city limits.

This hourlong event, Aug. 1 at 4 p.m., ran through the process of what is required of roofing contractors, the deadlines and permits they needed before beginning a project.

Presenters included Gilliland, Occupation Safety and Health Administration Compliance Assistant Specialist Bill Bankhead,  tax specialist, with the Idaho State Tax Commission Meriam Shaw, and BBB serving the Snake River Region CEO Dale Dixon.

The BBB offers the following advice when dealing with roofing companies, particularly those who send representatives door to door:

  • Verify the business’ true identity. Get a business card and the physical location of the business. It is always better to deal with well-established businesses in the area.
  • Beware of possible scams. Watch out for fly-by-night repair businesses soliciting work in unmarked trucks and requiring advance payment. Don’t succumb to high pressure techniques, such as notices that the price is good for one day only.
  • Do your homework. Check contractors’ BBB Reliability Report free-of-charge at Ask the business for references of recent jobs they’ve completed in the area. Ask customers about their experience with the business, quality of work, time frame it took to be completed and overall satisfaction. Verify that the business has any and all required licensing.
  • Understand the contract. Before signing a contract with any business, be sure you understand and agree to all terms. If the business makes any promises verbally, be sure they are added to the written contract before signing. Keep a copy of the signed contract for your records.
  • Know when to pay. Do not pay the full amount before the work being completed.  A good rule of thumb is to pay one-third when the contract is signed, another third while the job is underway and the final third of payment when you are satisfied with the completed job.

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One response to “Roofers show integrity in attending first-ever meeting; learn ins-and-outs of permitting in Boise

  1. Mark Burrows

    Just one small comment here. It is starting to become a common practice for companies to use unmarked vehicles for higher security against material theft and sabotage. Manager types will still drive around in vehicles resplendent in advertising and logos, but prefer the work vehicles to be nondescript.

    Mark Burrows

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