Fake Homeland Security screen pops up in Treasure Valley

scam screen July 17 2013 (1024x823)By Robb Hicken/ BBB”s chief storyteller

A new computer virus is locking up computer across the Treasure Valley. This upgraded version of the FBI Reveton virus is being called the Ashish Verma, it holds computers hostage until a ransom is paid via wire transfer.

While using the computer, a screen suddenly pops up declaring that you’re in violation of Homeland Security and that you are going to be charged under specific subsections of a law that doesn’t exist.

It has the exact logos and wording that makes it sound official, but at the end declares that you would only be charged with a misdemeanor if you pay off a $300 fine immediately. To make your payment, you must use a “wire transfer card.”

If this screen appears, follow these tips:
• Do not pay any money or give any personal information.
• Contact a computer professional to remove Reveton and Citadel from your computer.
• Be aware that even if you can unfreeze your computer on your own, the malware may still run in the background.

More information can be found at the BBB.org or the FBI’s IC3 website.


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