Honest marketing approach may better serve businesses

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

The call came from a 1-800 number. The person on the phone said they represented Customer First Merchant Support.

“[They] stated we were being over charged, at a corporate rate, and if I sent the information they would stop the over charging for us,” says Kelley Doogan, of Insight Consulting, in Boise. “They were asking me to send a statement from our credit card processing company.”

Customer First Merchant Support could not be found as a processing company. This appears to be a marketing call and is a ploy to get billing information, to make a sales pitch based on the current rates.

“I have received many sales calls, and I know credit card processing is a very competitive business, but no one has ever asked me to send them my statement,” says Doogan.

Whether you’re looking to make a switch or selecting one for the first time, choosing a merchant processor is a very important decision and can be vital to the overall success of your business. Better Business Bureau advises to be aware that this company is targeting the area.

To combat that, ask three simple questions:

  1. Do I do business with you (the credit card processing company)?
  2. Please, give me a phone number where I can contact you (other than the 1-800)?
  3. Did I contact your company for information or changes?

If the answer is no, (CLICK) hang up the phone.

To date, in 2012, BBB has received more than 1,700 complaints against credit card merchant and processing services.

Accepting a credit card gives customers options, whether it’s to charge a purchase and pay it off over time, or to use a debit card and not write a check. By offering your customer options, you are opening the doors for increased revenue.

BBB suggests:

  • Ask around. Like with any important business decision, always make sure to get at least three estimates and check the business’ reputation on BBB Business Review. Ask other business leaders what service they use.
  • Know where to turn. Make sure the merchant processing service has a solid support team. Can you contact them 24 hours a day? This is very important to business owners who are trying to process a card outside of the typical business hours. In any case, technical support is a must and is vital to your business’ success.
  • Try them out. Don’t settle without a trial period. By making sure the merchant processing service you choose has a 100 percent money-back guarantee before selecting them, you can save yourself a lifetime of hassle. Do they keep every promise that they made to you?
  • Make sure every penny you spend is necessary. If you have a question about a fee you were charged, ask! Staying competitive with other merchant services is the name of the game for theses processors so they will want to keep you happy.


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2 responses to “Honest marketing approach may better serve businesses

  1. Ron Lee

    A scum company of telemarketers trying to scam merchants into changing processors. They try to get you to fax them statements saying that you the merchant have been ripped and should file a complaint.
    When merchants should be filing a complaint against THEM for fraud and lies.

  2. M. Wicenski

    Last week I got a message that I received a call from a fellow named Dereck at this company, who very vaguely stated that I have been overcharged on my July, August and September merchant statements for credit card processing. I called the 1-800 number back, thinking it may be my own card processor’s customer service department, and the person who answered sounded as though they had received a personal call at home, very unprofessional. I was told the Dereck was not available at that time. On the off chance that they were a legitimate company I tried again today. Again, Dereck was unavailable, but another person took my call. I asked questions like, “How did you get my name, number? Do you have my account info in front of you right now? If not, how do you know I was overcharged?” When I asked these questions, the fellow on the other end actually hung up on me!!! A couple of hours later, I received a call from yet another person there, this time to my home phone. I asked him the same questions and got the run-around instead of any answers. I asked him to remove my name and numbers from his calling list.

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