Clear Cast antenna gets an ‘F’; Send info on National TV Processing Center

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

Changes in advertising claims about ClearCast Digital HDTV‘s antenna haven’t slowed the distribution.

More than 16,500 people have visited snakeriverbbb blog and over 1,600 people have visited since the product was reported on April 2012.  BBB conducted an advertising review of the Clear-Cast X1 Digital Antenna with Boise’s The WireGuys, a professional antenna installation and digital television conversion company. (See results here)

A new company has been reported selling the product: National TV Processing Center. A man posted a YouTube video suggesting

it is a non-existent entity.

A web search on the three major web browsers turned up the same search results.

A snakeriverbbb reader writes how she was excited about the invention but dismayed when she was told it was going to cost her $93 to hook up the Clear-Cast X1 Digital Antenna to other television sets in the house. She was working with National TV Processing Center.

While BBB and Clear Cast discussed advertising claim changes and/or claims substantiation about the ClearCast Digital HDTV, concerns remain. BBB tested ClearCast Digital HDTVs antennas and states it does give some channels without cable or satellite connections. However after testing, BBB found the product did not do as it is claimed in their ad.

Additionally, BBB inquiries show that because the headline claims that consumers can get rid of cable or satellite bills, consumers are under the impression they will receive the same type of channeling as  with their current provider, which the BBB found is not the case.

As of August 9, 2012, the company had changed its advertising to show the correct number of channels consumers can possibly receive.  The number of channels available is determined geographically but can be up to 53 channels.

The company has added disclosures that outline and explain what the consumers are actually getting, however the overall impression of the ad is different.

BBB reminds people the Clear-Cast X1 Digital Antenna from Clear Cast is a digital indoor antenna. The company claims this product can increase VHF and UHF band transmission. According to the company, Clear Cast is to use digital broadcasting technology for digitally equipped televisions. In order for consumers to receive “over the air” broadcasting and for those who are not equipped the company offers a converter box at a separate cost. Consumers should not compare the Clear Cast antenna to cable or satellite because it is not a cable or satellite service.

Canton BBB gave Brilliant Built Technologies, of Canton, Ohio, a BBB Grade of a F, due to a pattern of complaints indicating the product does not do as advertised and consumer refunds were not being received in a timely manner. Canton BBB has received 122 complaints in the past 12 month period, with  complaints about Sales and Refund Issues.

When considering using TV antenna’s versus cable or satellite TV, the BBB recommends the following:

  • Location is everything. If you live in a valley or rural area, you will have fewer channels available to you than others who live close to a TV station.
  • You will not receive all the same channels and programming as your cable or satellite TV packages.
  • Different types of antenna’s provide different results; you can view all your options through the FCC’s website at
  • Make sure you are aware of return and exchange policies before making a purchase.
  • Do not fall victim to sense of urgency claims. Make sure you research any product before buying.
  • Contact the BBB to check out any business before purchasing a product or service at


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4 responses to “Clear Cast antenna gets an ‘F’; Send info on National TV Processing Center

  1. Robb here:
    If you know any information on National TV Processing Center – address, phone number, names of leadership, location – please leave a comment.


  2. Is clear cast still in the failure mode or since may 2013 has it gotten any better???? B/c they are really pushing it again and people need to be aware! So please respond with an answer… Also is there anyway that you the(BBB) can get something out there to enlighten the public??? Thank need to know.



  4. Alexyz

    Has anyone tryed this in Houston Texas? Right now I’m having to switch back and forth between my convert box to a digital antenna. Also how can I get a better signal on both? My digital antenna gets Fox and the one with the peacock lol hear it is channel 2 I get other channels but it says thi signal is too weak and wont come in. My convert box gets Cw and also a lot of sub channel’s like 39.2. I wanna if there’s a good digital antenna that I can use in my area where I can get all basic channels, abc, cbs,pbs, fox, cw, and nbc? I want to have a good amount of channels. Would me living in apartments mess with signal? Because I can walk around in my living room and I interfere with it.

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