One response to “Citi Financial consumer promotion more con than promotion

  1. Mark Burrows

    When you receive anything, whether it be by post or email, it is as simple as going to your computer and using Google or whatever browser you have and look things up. Scams usually come up fairly quickly. If not, sometimes there are legitimate companies with similar names and the people who perpetrate the scam will use the similarity to gloss over their crime. In this case, there is a financial institute, or rather a credit union in Canada called CitiFinancial, all one word. They are popular in British Columbia and other parts of western Canada, they have global branches, but mostly in second and third world countries. They are partnered in the USA with CitiBank. As far as I know and understand it, they are separate entities that only share in procuring foreign investments and sharing the profits of said investments to their assets.
    The use of the name Citi Financial may be cause for copyright infringement if these people are caught.

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