Walmart is not going to invoice you; BUT Wallmart will – smish scam

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief story

In March, Walmart announced a new shopping option.

Company officials are putting into place, online shopping and merchandise retrieval – both mean you won’t meet employees face-to-face. walmart logo

This summer’s test will be done in about a dozen stores. It’s being called the “scan and go” shopping option and comes with a shopping app. Internet shopping services include items from electronic, furniture and more. Items are bought on-line, and placed in a locker until the buyer retrieves them. Customers can find just about anything they need or want at Walmart.

Boise resident Randy says he’d heard of the new shopping attitude, but when he got an invoice for a television set he’d never ordered, he thought the new Internet shopping was a bit aggressive.

“This confirmation order for a Samsung TV came,” he says. “It says they just need to verify the credit card I used, and then a confirmation shipping order would come, and delivery would be the next day.”

“The first flag that went off was when they asked me to call and give them my credit card,” he says. “The next was logging into a website through the link provided in the email.”

What caught his attention was the call to action at versus the official website of (Two “L” versus one).

Walmart officials did no return email or voicemail requests to talk about the scam.

BBB received several calls this past week from Snake River Region residents who received this phishing email.

BBB suggest:
  • Be suspicious of any unsolicited email requesting personal information.
  • Avoid filling out forms in email messages that ask for personal information.
  • Always compare the link in the email to the link that you are actually directed to.
  • Log on to the official website, instead of “linking” to it from an unsolicited email.
  • Contact the real business that supposedly sent the email to verify if the email is genuine.

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One response to “Walmart is not going to invoice you; BUT Wallmart will – smish scam

  1. Mark Burrows

    I am curious why Walmart would even come up with such an inane idea. I can get anything I want, online anytime without leaving the comfort of my home. A lot less than what than what it would cost me at Walmart, and even sometimes direct from the manufacture, although it takes a lot of communications and buttering up to convince manufactures that you are on their side and will promote their product without rest. So, I do not recommend trying to deal directly with manufactures. I have years experience and also spent a few years post retirement working in a consumer electronic repair shop where I had to order parts directly from the manufacture as the company I worked for was the qualified service shop for many major brands. My gift of the gab and ability to quickly learn and adapt gave me the edge as a home beta tester for consumer products. I didn’t run tests or benchmark them, I simply used them and told them what I liked and didn’t like, then returned the beta product. When the product was ready for release, they would offer it to me at manufacture cost, which is way below wholesale. If I was interested in other products they sold that I did not test, they usually sold them to me at manufacture cost plus 15%.
    I no longer work for that company, and the only beta testing I do now is for software, but I can still get deals for my own personal use from manufactures. The trust gets fractured when I ask for more than one, ask too often, or ask for similar products after I have ordered. The trust is that I am not going into business. The trust is I have served them in the past, and they honor that.
    When you buy online, make sure even before you have your credit card ready that it is a secure site. You will know by the appropriate logos. The fill ins should all be easy and of some standard format. If it is complicated and keeps telling you that you did not fill in fields correctly, back out, and contact the site by email and explain that you wished to make a purchase but had problems filling in the fields. If you do not get a reply. Do not return to that site.
    Okay once everything is filled in and you made your purchase and it is accepted, you should almost immediately receive an email from that site that you have made a purchase, then another one should follow a little later, maybe the next day with more details, but they should not ask nothing of you. If you are set up properly for notification by your bank or credit card, you should also receive notice from them that a purchase has been made. If you are not set up for notification on your computer or device, get it done. If your bank or credit card do not offer it. Change to ones that do. It is a high function tool to have, there is no waiting for a statement from the bank to discover an abuse to your account. The sooner you are on top of it, the sooner you can protect yourself from being culpable.

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