Verizon isn’t giving you a bonus; 800-922-2222 is a scam call

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

“You’ve been such great customers, Verizon wants to give you a bonus,” were the words Cathey Leyba, of Idaho Falls, heard Monday morning.

After getting a second call, she says she thought it was great to get a bonus, but this was a little too much.Verizon wireless

The caller directed her to go to to collect her $100 discount. She didn’t; didn’t trust the website.

“[The telemarketer] said I would be getting money for my next Verizon bill,” Leyba says.

Leyba, and her friend who received two calls on Monday and one call today, says it was just too good to be true.

“I called Verizon, and the customer support lady said Verizon would not be giving away that kind of money,” she says, and then laughs.

Residents throughout the Snake River Region were called by 800-922-2222 with a great offer: An offer that was a scam. On Tuesday, was deactivated, but others were saying a new site, was accepting the referrals with a promise of 115 free minutes. This spoof site takes you to

Bob Kelley, Verizon spokesman, says, “This is a scam. Verizon is not offering any rebates in the region.”

Calls from Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Jackson Hole, Wyo., and Treasure Valley are being reported to BBB.  One caller claimed he visited the website and was asked for his phone number and pin or last 4 of his SSN.

BBB warns people not to give out personal or financial information in any website, email or phone call, where You do not know the person receiving the number. Always go to the source when looking for products or services; never use the link or click-through.

BBB called the number and was told it was no longer in service. Apparently, has been deactivated.


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One response to “Verizon isn’t giving you a bonus; 800-922-2222 is a scam call

  1. yvonnepierce

    Just like what the authorities always remind everybody, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

    I’ve received several calls like that but I didn’t think they were legit so I’d always hang up. What I do instead is report the calls and post the phone number at to raise a warning.

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