Secure Your ID shred events brings in tons across Snake River Region

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

Waving her hand, her window rolled down, Jenny yells to volunteers at the end of the long shred day line: “Thanks so much for doing this.”photo

Her expression of gratitude seemed to echo that of most of the 712 drivers who pulled through the parking lot of the Idaho Transportation Department on April 20, as part of the annual Better Business Bureau’s Secure Your ID Day.

“We heard about it in the news and jumped right in our car and came down,” the Boise woman says. “We’d been talking about what to do with all this stuff only last week.”

With record management employees from Western Records Destruction and Cintas on hand to take boxes and bags of sensitive documents, more than 33,510 pounds of material was shredded on site.

Bill Parks, manager of Western Records, says the mobile shred trucks can hold about 9,000 pounds each. With two trucks at the ITD parking lot, Western Records shredded 18,080 in two hours.

“Shred Day gets participation off the charts,” he says. “There’s no comparable free shred day anywhere; the closest one is the one in Utah at the university parking lot.”

Cintas collected a total of 15,430 pounds of materials.

Better Business Bureau CEO Dale Dixon says the program has been well received in the community, and is why it has been expanded to twice a year in two cities. BBB also offered free shredding in Pocatello through a partnership with Potelco Credit Union. BBB will have shred events in Idaho Falls and Nampa on Saturday, October 20, 10am – noon.

“People realize the importance of records and how, if not protected, can be used for identity theft,” Dixon says.

In addition to paper records, 30 computers, 15 monitors and 20 printers were turned over to Secure Data Sanitization. The volunteers of Big Brothers, Big Sisters collected 20 cellphones. The computers and cellphones will be scrubbed and used for non-profit distribution to needy children.

In Pocatello, more than 80 cars came through the lot, dropping off nearly 800 pounds of documents for destruction.

“This was a great event, cold, but great,” said Jacklyn Brown, marketing director for Potelco Credit Union.

She said cars pulled into the lot on a regular basis throughout the morning. Most people were grateful for the opportunity to get the documents destroyed and protect their identity. Cintas shredded about 5,600 pounds.



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2 responses to “Secure Your ID shred events brings in tons across Snake River Region

  1. Wow – 18,000 pounds of shredding in two hours seems like a successful event. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that companies have shred days. It’s such a great idea and a great way to help people and help promote your business.

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