2 responses to “Phone scams continue to target Idaho Power customers

  1. I wonder if they’re the same scam calls but I keep getting a recorded call that tells me to speak with them right away or power will be disconnected. I have spoken with someone several times but the person promptly hangs up on me whenever I start asking questions about their company. This has happened numerous times and the calls came different numbers. I have reported them to http://www.callercenter.com already to raise a warning and filed a complaint with the FTC.

    • idahopower

      Our thanks to the Snake River BBB for this post and for helping to spread awareness about this scam. We cannot stress this enough: If you are at all suspicious about the nature of a call, hang up at once and call us at 388-2323 or 1-800-488-6151 outside the Treasure Valley area.

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