Wrap your car in advert; sounds like a bunch-a-bull – Red Bull

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

Red Bull  is huge among energy drink competitors Monster, Rockstar and others. Theses companies tend to go large and go splashy in their advertising, putting their logos and images everywhere – race cars, sporting, and social events.

A most popular form is on a car, wrapped in the silver and blue colors with the large red, charging bull logo. Redbull

That’s why Boise resident Nanette Hiller was intrigued when she answered a Craigslist posting to advertise Red Bull on her car. Car wraps are a way for businesses to use a vehicle to advertise their products.

“It was kind of weird the way they used the word ‘advert.’ Nobody in America says it that way,” Hiller says. “They said all I had to do was place the decal on my car, and I’d get paid each month.”

She filled out the forms with the thought: Get paid for driving your car to work or on daily errands? Not bad.

A check arrived along with a demand to keep part of the check and send $1,650 to someone else, she says. She called BBB.

“That was that,” Hiller says. “I felt like I had to check into it further.”

She’s not alone. This scam is a sweeping new work-at-home offer made to potential customers across the United States after they respond to Internet ads on Craigslist. While the companies do this type of advertising, scammers take advantage to launder stolen checks and monies.

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center and a few calls at BBB, the first contact for the offer has been through an Internet ads or email. BBB serving Snake River Region investigated a similar incident last year.

In this latest series of offers, popular energy drinks  – Monster, Rockstar or Red Bull – are the company allegedly looking to advertise on the car. In the past, BBB has reported on people using Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Heineken Co and Carlsberg beer as well.

They offer to pay you between $300 and $600 a week in exchange for driving around with the advertising wrapped around your vehicle.  Once you accept their offer, they send you a check for a few thousand dollars, ask you to cash the check, keep your pay, and wire the rest to the person who is going to wrap your car.

However, in the cases being reported, the offer is not valid, the check bounces, you end up owing the bank, and the person who made the offer gets away with the wired money.

If you receive an offer similar to this, do your homework and ask questions.  Check it out with BBB.

Remember wiring money is like sending cash, once it is sent, it is difficult to retrieve.  As always, keep in mind, if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  If you have fallen victim to this scheme, you may file a complaint with IC3 and the attorney general in your state.



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6 responses to “Wrap your car in advert; sounds like a bunch-a-bull – Red Bull

  1. Meiyee T

    Answered a RedBull car wrap email offering $300 a week to wrap my car in Red Bull ads.

    They sent me a check for $2480, told me to keep $300 as an upfront payment, and wire the rest to Monica Farrell in Washington State.

    I knew it was a scam, so I just stared emailing the guy back and forth, kind of messing with him.

    original email below:

    You will make use of the funds in completing the placement expert’s fee, and it also covers your first week fee for the rental on your car.

    Upon receiving the cashier’s check, you are to go ahead and have it deposited into your checking account for proper clearing verification or get it cashed instantly at your local bank, deducting $300 which is your upfront payment for the first week and have the balance sent to the Headquarters of our placement Experts who will be responsible for the advert placement on your car that’s is presently in covering your zone waiting to receive funds in other to give the go ahead of their field experts in your zone(City).

    You are to send the rest funds the Administrative Head officer of our Advertising agency for the car-wrap department worldwide. Once the payment has been confirmed received, Go-ahead approval would be given to one of the Experts covering the zone around you for visitation to undergo the placement process


    City: KALAMA
    State: WA
    Zip: 98625

    There is always a charge for any funds sent through western union, you are to deduct these charges from the balance, send as Money-in-Minutes and get back to me with the following information :

    Senders Name:
    Senders Address:
    Total Amount Sent:
    10 digit MTCN number :
    Address where you want placement to be Taken place:
    Preferable Date and Time:

    Our specialist shall contact you as soon as they receive the funds, include the 10 digit MTCN Number given to you after sending funds through western union and amount sent so i can get it across to the Expert can get to you in due time.

    Acknowledge receipt of this email immediately.

    Kind Regards,

    Michael Quest
    (323) 364-5102
    Advert Manager
    Redbull Energy Drink™

    • Vivian Gill

      I got the same message from them, but it was for Monster. The name he uses in the Monster ad is Michael billings. The phone number is the same.

  2. jeff laylon

    Me too but I got check for 2850.00 he swore it was legit I told him attorney general was gonna get check and info havent heard back check is printed with laser printer

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  4. I got an email on one of the ads I posted on craigslist looking for someone to work for me, I read it to my husband and he was like sounds to good to be true

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