Interesting Stats from 2012



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April 4, 2013 · 10:34 am

One response to “Interesting Stats from 2012

  1. Mark Burrows

    I found the statistics interesting. Especially about cellular phones sitting in the number one seat. I would think most people would be embarrassed to make such complaints as the devices are becoming more complex and the large percentage of problems are from a users stand point. Most electronic product theses days no longer come with full manuals, it is put upon us to download the user manuals. Before I purchased my last cellphone I researched with vigor, not just for specification, but for reviews and what people who already owned the phone thought. It would not take a genius to decipher from their comment of those who were product savvy and those who fail to download and read the users manual. If I apply to the given forum and point out that a complaint could be resolved by reading the users manual, I usually get a rude follow up in a day or two explaining that the one who posted the complaint was not stupid. I would simple reply that I never claimed that the person posting was stupid, I merely suggested downloading and reading the full users manual. If I am lucky, I get an apology, otherwise the person who left the post never returns.

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