Victims of work-at-home scams to receive checks

The victims of several work-at-home scams may finally receive a portion of a $685,000 settlement, the Federal Trade Commission says Feb. 27.

One of the companies the FTC took action against in 2010, Abili-Staff, Ltd., based out of San Antonio, will be forced to repay subscribers of its service.  According to the FTC, the company was billing itself as a “scam free” and “legitimate” job search service.

Abili-Staff sold supposedly pre-screened lists of jobs, telling consumers they could access the lists after paying a fee ranging from $29.98 to $89.99, according to news sources.

BBB worked with the FTC to end this company’s poor practices and continues to monitor the marketplace for similar scams.

Before signing up for any work-at-home opportunity, BBB advises job hunters to:

  • Check the company’s BBB Business Review to see its letter grade, history of complaints and government actions at
  • Beware of any offer that guarantees a lot of money for little effort and no experience.
  • Thoroughly read the website’s terms and conditions, keeping in mind that a free trial could cost you in the end.
  • Be wary of work-at-home offers that use logos from Google, Twitter or other prominent online businesses. Just because Google is in the name doesn’t mean the business is affiliated with Google.
  • Research the website with or a similar site for determining domain name ownership. Be cautious if the site is anonymous or individually registered.

Courtesy of  watchyourbuck


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