Re: Your Photos – may never be ready as promised, here’s why

An email has circulated for months now with the title “Re: Your Photos.” It comes from various senders and the body simply says “Hello, as promised your photos,” and a link.

BBB warns consumers not to click the link. It has malware that will infect your computer. If you receive this email, simply delete it without clicking any links. If you have already clicked a link in a similar email, run an antivirus software program to find and delete the malware.

In addition, BBB reminds consumers to be wary of any emails from unknown senders, or suspicious emails from people you know. Here are a few tips to help avoid malware, spyware and phishing (attempts to steal your personal information via email):

  • Never reply to an email that is asking you for personal information. Even if the email appears to be from a trusted source, this may be a phishing attack, where someone is trying to illegitimately get your personal or financial information. Delete the email immediately.
  • Do not click on any links from sources that you are unfamiliar with. This may be a phishing attack, where someone is trying to redirect you to a website that may automatically trigger malicious code and infect your computer. If you really want to check out a link sent to you by email, research the company or person first to confirm they are trustworthy. If so, then manually retype the link into a secure web browser.
  • Keep anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-spam software up to date. While consumers are ultimately responsible for keeping personal and financial information private, these technologies are designed to help keep phishing attacks at a minimum.
– Courtesy Watch Your Buck

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