Suspended payroll message a fraud; Intuit payroll informer spoof

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

No one likes to have problems with their payroll. Payroll delays hurt everyone,  but most of all the way the business leaders look to their employees. Intuit Payroll scam

Boise Rescue Mission is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that provides food, shelter, clothing and opportunities to recover from homelessness for men, women, and children in need. It has a small staff of 80 that takes care of the mission, shelter and distribution center.

Their payroll is not huge, being a non-profit, but any disruption would create problems for the staff, says Rev. Bill Roscoe, executive director for the Boise Rescue Mission Ministries.

“When I got it, I kind of recognized it as a scam,” he says. “I didn’t panic, just took a deep breath and asked a lot of questions.”

BBB warns businesses in the Snake River Region that an spoofed email from Intuit Payroll Services is hitting in boxes. This is a fraud. Clicking on the links will infect your computer with a virus, and replying to the email address will put you into a phishing email relay.

BBB warns:

  • Do NOT click on any links or attachments.
  •  Read the email carefully for signs that it may be fake (such as, misspellings, grammar, generic greetings such as “Dear member” instead of a name, etc.).
  •  Be wary of any urgent instructions to take specified action such as “Click on the link or your account will be closed.”
  • Hover your mouse over links without clicking to see if the address is truly from The URL in the text should match the URL that your mouse detects. If the two do not match, it is most likely a scam.
  • Delete the email from your computer completely – be sure to empty your “trash can” or “recycling bin.”
  • Run anti-virus software updates often and do a full system scan.
  • Keep a close eye on your bank statements for any unexpected or unexplained transactions.
  •  Send a copy of the email to
  • Do not send the email to anyone else.

“We knew it was not relevant to us, but we wanted to make certain others were not going to click on similar emails and download problems,” Roscoe says.



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