ATT billing email brings a spoofing campaign to area

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

Dale Ewerson, of Life*Savings Insurance, says he is thankful for updated virus protection.

“I received an email bill from AT&T,” he said Wednesday afternoon. “However, my AT&T bill is paid monthly through my local phone company.”

A few months ago, scammers attempted to trick Verizon customers into opening fake bill notices. Get ready AT&T customers! Now it’s your turn.

How the Scam Works:att 150x150 AT&T Customers, Dont Fall For Fake Bill Emails

People nationwide (both AT&T subscribers and not) are receiving fake emails that are almost identical to the real alerts many AT&T customers get to remind them of their monthly payments.

This phishing scam is notable for its painstaking replication of AT&T emails and the large bill amounts (many are near or above $1,000). See this sample email for a perfect example.

Spot This Scam:

You can spot a fake email by the large bill amounts and by hovering over the links. When you place your mouse on a link, the destination URL will appear. Check whether it leads to AT&T’s website or, in a scam email, to a third party site.

Ewersen says, “Other irregularities include an invalid Due Date – it showed 28 – 22 – 2102. There was a word that was misspelled and all of the online links were denied by the anti-virus software on my computer.”

AT&T offers phishing support and a site where you can double check your AT&T bill, through their online bill support.


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One response to “ATT billing email brings a spoofing campaign to area

  1. Mark Burrows

    By all means, always check with the company in question. I deal with a hydro company, a cable/phone/internet company, and a cellphone company. Of course all of these people I have gone paperless and do direct payment from my bank. For me, I am a creature of routine and habits, so if I break either and do something out of the norm, I make all kinds of electronic notes to remind myself of purchases, turning on the thermostat on cold days, or making the odd long distance or out of area call. So when I get my online bills and they slightly off I check my notes to validate the increase. Yet, if it is way over the top, I get on the phone and get in touch with customer services. In most cases they are helpful, courteous and willing to solve the problem. Then maybe I have them all well trained since I am notorious for going over people heads to get results and satisfaction. I am a reasonable, intelligent, and respectable person until someone decides to abuse me as a customer or condescend to me in a manner that what ever they verbalize is the end of it and there is nothing more that can be done. Then they do not know the power of the spoken or written word given to either the proper authorities, lawyers, or the public en masse.

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