Barclay’s Bank latest victim in phishing scam

By Robb Hicken/ BBB’s chief storyteller

Dr. Frank Rodwell, head of International Transfer Department at Barclay’s Bank Plc. UK, needs your information — um … for real?

In a different take on the international transfer of funds, Barclay’s Bank, has been added to the list of companies that are being used as a front for scams.

In this notification, the recipient is asked to give name, address, occupation, phone number and to call a hotline to receive $15.8 million from an International Monetary Fund assessment.  The company claims to be sending you a Non-Residential Clearance Form to enable them to credit “your account directly by telegraphic transfer or through any of our corresponding banks.”

The promise is a transfer within five working days. Simply contact Frank at The website is not found ( has been suspended because of abuses), according to the Dot TK domain holder. It traces back to New Zealand.

Phone number – a hotline – 44 702-408-2906 gives no response, and a long distance charge.

Remember the red flags:

  • Poor grammar and spelling,
  • asks for personal or financial information,
  • international (out-of-country) monetary requests,
  • unsolicited email, and
  • no previous business dealings with the company.

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One response to “Barclay’s Bank latest victim in phishing scam

  1. Mark Burrows

    The flag for me after reading your posting would have been telegraphic transfer, since that is such an outdated term. True it is still used as a quaint expression in British conversation in the UK but not by professionals in international communications.
    The other point of interest is that Barclay’s would not have a New Zealand domain website. They do not even have an international bank in NZ all they offer is extended services to expats to keep customers that they have that are moving to New Zealand or if you are only traveling there they will supply a list of banks that will easily recognize your travelers checks, personal checks and handle transaction with Barclay’s with ease.
    First and foremost, banks do not give away money, ever. They give away pens when they try to sell you insurance. They give away calendars when they try to sell you retirement packages. They have become cheap and petty. Banks collect approximately 50 billion dollars a year in total just in the increase from the Non Sufficient Funds as well as the other inventive fees they have added along the way. I have talked to bank tellers and asked how much their income has increased with the banks excess wealth. They come up with answers that they are allowed to buy shares and the bank will add one for every three they buy or other such nonsense. But I could still see the disappointment on their faces that the bank has such surplus profit and employees wages and salaries have not increased. It does not make for a pleasant environment. The chiefs live in opulence while the backbone of labor should be happy to have a roof over their head.
    I digress, as I got off topic of the banking scam. I just get equally annoyed by being ripped off by institutes that I should trust.

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