Avoid falling victim to ATM skimmers; SYID on Saturday

Identity thieves work hard to mask their tricks. One common way they collect people’s credit card information is by using skimmers, small card readers that can fit in the palm of your hand.

They’ve even installed skimmers on gas pumps and ATMs, collecting new credit card numbers with each transaction.

NPR’s Planet Money released a visual guide this week to spotting skimmers on ATM machines, but some of the tips can apply to other self-checkout card readers.

NPR recommends checking three things:

  • Look for cameras.  Identity thieves will place a camera near the ATM’s light source to capture PINs.
  • Check out the card slot. NPR pointed out that skimmers are usually installed in a hurry, and so are not always attached well. If the card reader is loose, walk away and report it to your bank.
  • Check out the keypad. Much like they do with cameras, identity thieves will install a fake keypad to read your PIN number. Once again, if the keypad is loose, walk away.

Remember Secure Your ID Day is 10 a.m. to noon  Saturday, Oct. 20, to two locations:

CWI Micron Center for Professional Technical Education parking lot 

5725 E. Franklin Rd., Nampa, Id 83687


The Red Lion Hotel—Parking Lot 

475 River Parkway, Idaho Falls 83402


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One response to “Avoid falling victim to ATM skimmers; SYID on Saturday

  1. Mark Burrows

    You can also add that it is a good idea to routinely shop at the same places you are familiar with and always ask for a receipt. Everything is a matter of checks and balances. It is important to be diligent checking your bank or credit card statement against your receipts to make sure that they balance. If you are adept at online banking, it is better to go paperless, that leaves statements in your garbage. Most banks and credit card companies are even offering antivirus software free or at below cost that will provide further peace of mind. I have used debit and credit cards for years because I prefer not to carry cash. I spend less and find it easier to keep my credit cards up to zero par. I have never experienced fraud from a personal purchase or an ATM. I have though fallen victim to unscrupulous online accounts, but I have always managed to take proper and legal action against the said perpetrator and recover my funds. Often just appealing to them and informing them that I am simple man, but one who is a advocate for the consumer. I am a powerful whistle blower and through various forums and sites I can bring them down to their knees. I have even offered advice on how to change their concept of doing business and being customer friendly. After all, I would not have made a purchase on their site if they did not have something good to sell. It was the fact they decided to sell my other products without my permission. Of course I was guilty in their eyes because I did not read the very small print in their long and overtly boring terms and conditions, where later I discovered that I was purchasing a subscription to further software. I now go over terms and conditions with much more care and attention.

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