Your bank is not going to text you about your account

By Robb Hicken/ chief storyteller

Email scams just keep coming.

Just today, BBB received several calls from people who were notified by phone text that their banking account are deactivated, and that they needed to call a number in the text.

Those who follow the number were asked to give their 16-digit credit card number.

Bank of America spokeswoman says you will never be contacted by text about your account. Text service from Bank of America is a tool to view your account information and recent transactions for your bank accounts: checking, savings and credit card accounts.

“There are multiple layers of protection for our customers who bank online,” she says. Account holders can visit to check security tips and software.

She advises if you receive one of these text messages, send it to


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One response to “Your bank is not going to text you about your account

  1. rebecca white

    I keep getting txt from Bank OF America Hi Call 2128711799 ask me for my bank card num and pin i txt them to stop txt but they keep txt me more so i call the 1800 num in phone book and the man said to txt yallThank u for any help u can give me

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