All American Clearing House (866-785-5226) appears to be fraud lottery

By Robb Hicken/ chief storyteller

After All American Clearing House made numerous attempts to reach Boise resident Leo Brown by telephone, they finally sent him a letter telling him he was a grand prize winner: $290,000.

Fraudulent check from All American Clearing House

Enclosed was a check from Ridgetop Research in the amount of $4,857.75 he was to use to pay taxes, handling and process fees.

Mr. Brown was told to keep phone, file and check numbers  confidential and to call 866-785-5226 or 438-989-4518. His file number is PCH-84D-D856. He was also told call when he deposited the check. This check “must be deposited in your account only after speaking with your claims agent.”

In a veiled sort of way, Mr. Brown is told, by Gerald Webfield, CFO: “Please note that you have entered in the drawing and subsequently are obliged to receive your prize as indicated in the contract.”

The CEO for Ridgetop Reseach audibly moaned when BBB told him about the check. “Our identity was stolen,” Chip Emery says. “We’ve been getting calls like this from across the nation, and have passed the information on to law enforcement authorities.”

New York City-based Ridgetop Research is not associated with All American Clearing House, which gives an address of 87 Willow Dr., Ontario, CA N6E 1P1.

If Mr. Brown had cashed the check, he would have been told to send a portion of the money back via wire transfer to Canada to pay the taxes, and to keep the remaining amount. Once determined it was a fraudulent check, he would have had to repay the bank for the money taken, and face possible prosecution.


  • If you didn’t enter a contest, sweepstakes, drawing or prize award, you can’t win. Lottery tickets are purchased, sweepstakes usually involve application paperwork, and government grant applications are thoroughly processed.
  • If you don’t remember entering, you probably didn’t.
  • They already have your information if you entered the contest, so application that asks for detailed personal information to retrieve the winnings is a scam.
  • If you are asked to forward a portion of the money from the organization, sender or to forward money to another company to pay the taxes, shipping, fees, etc., it’s a scam
  • You don’t pay to collect winnings. In legitimate cases, shipping and other fees are taken out of winnings before the prize is sent. Taxes on winnings are handled with the IRS.
  • It’s a scam, if the name on the check does not match the name of the company or person the consumer is dealing with.
  • Foreign lotteries are illegal in the United States.


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4 responses to “All American Clearing House (866-785-5226) appears to be fraud lottery

  1. I too received the same letter. It is clear that it is fraudulent and that Ridgetop Research had their identity stolen. I say this because I received the same letter and check.

  2. Craig

    same story…got the same exact check for the exact same amount. I am turning this over to the proper authorities….who may be able to find out who is at the bottom of this fraud

  3. Nancy Tobler

    we got this as well but the check has Sallie Mae on the check but the letter has salliemac sweepstakes commission. Our check was for $2580.00. As a matter of fact we have been getting lots of these lately. At least 4 different ones in the last month.

  4. Phyllis

    Received the same letter signed by Gerald Webfield. Check is for $4,917.00 to pay for duty taxes. Check from Nomax, Inc, 9735 Green Park Industrial Dr., Saint Louis, MO. from Midwest Bank Centre in St Louis, MO. the letter was from Publishers Sweepstakes Commission. Hope this helps somebody avoid a scam.

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