LinkedIn security may have been hacked, change password

By Robb Hicken/ chief storyteller

News agencies are reporting that LinkedIn, the social media site for business professionals, has been hacked and may have lost 6.5 million passwords to a Russian hacker.

The leaked password issue stems from a change in the network’s calendaring function and create a space where hackers can enter the system undetected. LinkedIn officials say measures have been taken to correct the leak. And, has Tweeted that it is looking into the potential password hack.

Here are some tips:

  • Avoid universal passwords. While it’s easy to remember the same password for all your computer and network security, it’s an easy way for hackers to get into everything.
  • Change passwords often. Set up a routine or schedule when you change your passwords.
  • Don’t hide them on your desktop. If you need to write your password down, don’t stick it to you computer on a sticky note. Put your passwords in a secure place.
  • Update you security software. This software prevents unauthorized access to your computer, protects your system from viruses, and cloaks data ports.

LinkedIn members were recently hit with lookalike e-mails that encouraged them to click links and verify e-mail addresses. In addition, eHarmony, Twitter and were compromised with similar emails being sent to their users.  Several major Web retailers were hacked in recent months, too.

BBB warns Internet users to not click or open e-mail from people they do not know.


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