Read billing carefully — collections agency contacts could be wrong

By Marsha Sterns/ Business Relations

When my husband received a bill from Convergent, of Wixom, Mich., a collection agency – 855-738-9701 – he was furious.

The statement showed Pinnacle Credit Services wanted to collect nearly $575 for services on a cellphone he hadn’t had for years.

Michael was angry, and called and complained about the bill. He then drove to the  cellphone company locally, Verizon, and had them pull his payment history for the phone number. It had been cleared for three years with a “zero” balance.

He is just one of thousands of people who are receiving letters from the outsourcing company that is trying to collect payment on “old” collections. The collections process works like this:

  • A collection agency buys an old list from a company. It sends out letters to anyone on the list. The hope is that someone, whether they actually owe the bill or not, responds. In this case, the third-party collection agency receives a percentage of what is collected. 

Verizon officials state: “As a reminder, always review your communications bill carefully. If you see any suspicious activity, call your regional Verizon office at the number listed on your bill.”

Even if you have pre-enrolled to have the business contact you by email, be suspicious. Contact your service provider – via phone or email – and ask for a verification.

Further questions, go to Verizon directly or access your Verizon account via your internet browser at the


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