Accredited Business paints a great picture of Canyon County

By Dale Dixon/ chief trust evangelist

I got an email from the opinion page editor of the Idaho Press-Trubune, Phil Bridges. Phil said he was so impressed by Don O’Connor’s attitude of giving that he couldn’t help but pass it along.

Absolutely the Best, a painting company in Meridian, Idaho, is going above and beyond.

I called Don we talked about the work he is doing, which is all over the country. He’s running a very good business.

Here’s what Phil had to tell about Absolutely the Best:

“We got a call from a senior citizen who wanted us to print a ‘Thank You’ item for Absolutely the Best Painting based in Meridian, owned by Don O’Connor. She said they will be painting her home free of charge – no charge for the paint or the labor. Apparently they live on Social Security and she was worried about her husband being too old to be climbing up on a ladder. She said she had never met or spoken to them before, but they made this generous offer.
“I see this business has an A-plus rating on the BBB web site, so I suppose the offer is a legitimate one made by a very generous person wanting to do a good deed. Still, I wanted to check with you to see if this sounds fishy or if you were aware of any scams where painters offer to work for free in order to get into people’s homes.”
 This is a great example of what a difference businesses can make in their communities.

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