Use caution when looking for grant writing services

BBB is reporting that Great West Marketing has emerged on its radar as a grant-writing scheme.

Great West Marketing has more than a decade of experience in small business funding services arena. It claims to be a professional grant writing services and research, business plan writing, and incorporating (501) C-3 Non-Profit Organizations. Great West Marketing helps nonprofits as well as small- and medium-sized, for-profit businesses.

Recently, BBB has experienced a high volume of inquiries about Great West Marketing. Consumers allege this company calls them, or their small business, offering to give grant writing services for a large up-front fee that may range from $1,000 to as a high as $11,000.  Consumers most often mention an up front fee in the $3-4,000 range.  At this time, consumer inquiries to the BBB show the amount of the up front fee is roughly related to the amount of money Great West Marketing predicts the consumer is qualified to receive.  Consumers are routinely advised, in the first telephone contact, of the grant amount available to them.

This company is charging up front fees (usually $3,000+) to businesses and consumers based on a percentage of the grants the business alleges they qualify for.

Currently, the business has no reportable complaints, however, BBB received more than 300 inquiries within the last month and consumers are sharing their experiences.

“The grants you see advertised generally go to non-profit organizations, research, scholarships, or to communities for building infrastructure,” says Dale Dixon, CEO for BBB serving the Snake River Region.

Idaho Department of Commerce states with few exceptions, the only grants available to start-up businesses are the Small Business Innovation Research. Application for that grant is free and processing help can be made through the SBDC.

To get a good idea of what really is available for grants, visit:


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