Power bill collection bully (302-200-9735) doesn’t shock residents; it’s a scam

By Robb Hicken/ chief storyteller

An elderly Hispanic woman in Caldwell was upset, but remained calm, when she received a call from the “electric company” demanding she make a credit card payment immediately, or the electricity would be shut off.

Because she was collected, she asked the caller, “which electric company were you with?” and when the caller simply repeated “Your electric company!” she knew for certain this was a scam. She stopped talking to the man.

The number being reported to BBB and Idaho Power is 302-200-9735. When called this morning, the number was “not available.”

Idaho Power officials say this woman acted correctly. IP has received a number of calls from residents in the area with this same complaint, and their security department is tracking the calls and investigating.

The Idaho Power, a public utility company, customer service number is 208-388-2323 or 800-488-6151. Individuals are encouraged to not divulge personal or financial information.


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One response to “Power bill collection bully (302-200-9735) doesn’t shock residents; it’s a scam

  1. I just received this from Idaho Power:

    Hispanic Electric Customers Reporting Phone Scam

    Idaho Power Hispanic customers are reporting they’re the target of a phone scam where the caller is demanding personal and payment information to avoid power disconnection.

    BOISE, Idaho, May 4, 2012 – Several Idaho Power Hispanic customers this week reported receiving threatening phone calls in Spanish from someone claiming to be an Idaho Power employee advising them to make a payment or have their service disconnected.

    The phone scammer demands customers to make a payment within 24 to 48 hours and that they provide personal information over the phone for the purpose of identity theft.

    The calls are coming from a 302-200-9735 phone number.

    “This is a phone scam and Idaho Power encourages customers to not provide any information to the caller,” said Maggie Brilz, Idaho Power’s Customer Service Manager.

    About a dozen customers have called the company’s customer service center to report the scam since Wednesday, May 2.

    If any customers are concerned about the legitimacy of calls from Idaho Power, they can contact our customer service center at 388-2323 or 1-800-488-6151 outside the Treasure Valley area.

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