American Sweepstakes Publishers claims guaranteed sweepstakes info, not prize

By Robb Hicken/Chief Storyteller

His name is signed Michael Washington, with American Sweepstakes Publishers, and his promise is to give you $1 million, but you have to fulfill the deadline schedule in order to qualify. 

Security Fulfillment International, a division of American Sweepstakes Publishers (ASP), makes a guarantee, but doesn’t deliver a sweepstakes prize, at least that’s what the operator says when you call the number. The guarantee is that the documents have been sent to you.

“We research sweepstakes out and guarantee that they are legitimate,” the operator says, but doesn’t give her name (phone: 913-338-0715). ‘”We put the sweepstakes in the report and with the report, we provide the customer the address and the deadlines and the process they need to enter. They are not entering the sweepstakes by submitting the $12 processing fee, but subscribing to the report.”

She says ASP currently has 25 sweepstakes in their report. She had no response to how often the sweepstakes report is updated. The Report clearly states the information is “unique and confidential” as far as ASP has collected it, but continues to say, this information is available to anyone who chose to spend time and money to collect his data themselves.

“We have people that make sure they are legitimate sweepstakes, and make sure they are free,” she says. “Once we research and verify, we put it in the ASP publication.”

The report says the SRC (Sweepstakes Reporter Company) and ASP publications are published quarterly and monthly reports that give the latest, up-to-date information about sweepstakes offered by major sponsors. This information includes the sponsors names, prizes, deadlines and where to send the entries and how to enter.

“We don’t sponsor sweepstakes,” she says, and quickly referred me to Tricia Estes, at the corporate office, which was Opportunities Unlimited Publications. I called and left a message.

According to BBB records, Sweepstakes Reporter also known as S.R.C. and American Sweepstakes Publisher, based in Shawnee Mission, Kan.,  began business in September 1994. Sweepstakes Reporter does not conduct sweepstakes promotions, but researches and reports on sweepstakes. Sweepstakes Reporter sends out letters with “prize-winning information” for a fee of approximately $12.00. For the $12.00 fee a consumer receives a report that consists of information on sweepstakes conducted by corporate organizations not affiliated with Sweepstakes Reporter and information on how to enter those sweepstakes. It’s report clearly states “you have no guarantee of winning because you buy a SRC or ASP Publication.”

It does provide its mailing lists to companies whose products or services might be of interest to subscribers.

The company has an ‘F’ rating with the BBB.




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79 responses to “American Sweepstakes Publishers claims guaranteed sweepstakes info, not prize

  1. adrian lopez

    my name is adrian lopez and i just got a call saying tjhat i won $500,000 dopllers. i want to know if this is real or a scam. my clame number is ft6754bm. and its from american sweep stake.

    • Thanks for contacting the BBB.

      If this is a lottery from out of the United States, you did not win. If you did not enter a lottery, sweepstakes, or prize drawing, you cannot win, legally. If they ask you to pay taxes, handling or processing fees before you can receive your winnings, you did not win. If the person calls you on the phone, you did not win. If the person asks for personal and/or financial information, you did not win (DON’T give out any information – if you really won a contest, they should have all the information they need to make the award.) Do NOT give anyone personal or financial information over the phone, mail or email except to someone you TRUST and know.

      If you did give out information, contact the credit reporting bureaus and your financial institutions to protect your identity.

      • Mark Burrows

        You have hit it on the nail. I just received the mailing from American Sweepstakes Publishers and I live in Canada. I know that winning something does not happen per chance. You first have to have an interest in something, fill out a form, possibly send in a proof of purchase if it is from a product promotion. Still, non of them require money up front unless you are purchasing a lottery ticket which is a different ball game because most lotteries are charity driven. I also noticed on the back of their form they mentioned that recovery fees are allowed by state law. Who knows what percentage that may be, and in all likely it will come off the top, but the taxation folks look at the principle, and it could cost you more to win. On top of it all they are gathering and selling information that you are an easy touch and by even responding you are letting yourself wide open to further similar mailings. Guys like these can slide below the radar because they can word their documents in such a way that in fact they are barely within the realm of being legal.

      • vickie

        thank you,i was about to make a mistake,i also receive three letters in mail that my claim was waiting.i couldn’t find out anything on them this is not right.the scam is still going on this is December 2013 I got my letters

  2. jeff

    i get calls from them everyday…. all day… and they refuse to stop calling me.such a huge scam… everytime they call they ask me if i received the the sweepstakes info in the mail..I never do…there voices are scrambled and the phone # changes evertime… beware of american sweepstakes!

  3. Zenia

    I wish that the FBI would do something about this… every week I’m getting mail from these people saying I won. I didn’t win nothing especially if I have to pay any money. Please leave me alone.

  4. They called and said I won from American International Sweepstakes a large amount of money but would need to pay a 1% insurance to claim the money but it would be refunded to me with the money upon delivery. Only when I called the FTC, they said the man who called me did NOT work for them, he said he did and the caller ID said the call was coming from their office. He even said he would contact local Sheriff’s Office about some scam calls I said had received about my ‘winnings’ .I later got a call from an officer who does NOT exist.!! They do NOT have any file about any scams or calls made to me. I talked to my husband and did some research online then made a return call to my local Sheriff’ Office and was told that the Date and Time of the call supposedly from their office, which showed up on my caller ID and I did a return call with it, thier office was actually CLOSED and the officer who called DOES NOT EXIST !!! Now I have called the Federal Trade Commission and filed a report . According to a print out from the Federal Trade Commission these SCAM ARTIST have a way of using modern technology to make it appear that calls are coming from places when they really and actually aren’t, such as these calls I received. SO even though everything sounds good, is isn’t, BEWARE EVERYONE !!!!!


      i was told I win 1,000,000,00 just send a money order for $12.00 SCAM

      • If you won a prize, drawing, winnings, lottery, gift giveaway, or you should never be required to pay. IRS is in charge of the taxes, companies and banks carry insurance on large checks, and you can’t win if you don’t enter. You’re not one in a million winner, but one of millions of winners. $12 from 10,000 winners is a good day’s work. Don’t fall for these scams.

  5. frank Perez

    I Just Received A Form 07EF58 StateMent Of Tracked Documentation $1,000,000.00
    $12 Processing Fee

    • American Sweepstakes provides information about lotteries, contests, etc. that you must enter. I have no information on the form you describe. If you did not enter, you cannot win. Most of these lotteries ask for entry information. Never provide personal or financial information to someone you do not know.

    • I received my 4th form to send a $12.00 processing .. The first one I responded and they cashed my check of wich I hold a copy. After that, I made copies of the check and send them with the request for 2 more fees of $12.00 each and today the 4th one. I received also a PRIZE REPORT ADVISORY with a confirmation rport .. again for a fee of $12.00 .. Something has to be done about this scamming people for money. Publishers Clearing House is sending me twice a week their sweepstake sign ups .. even tough I did one time and completed all forms .. even made a purchase.

    • faye

      hi Frank my name is faye I got the same thing you got in the mail saying that I won 1,000,000,00 and a tracked documentation these people are liars I sent my $12.00 dollars and I got scamed how can we tract this documention and how can we turn these people in for what they are doing to people and who would we need to contact please let me know thanks

    • princess

      I just received the same letter now

  6. Ken Russ

    I have recieved the form 07ef58 telling me of my $1,000,000.00 in pending unpaid cash award opportunities. Now its confirmed its all mine!!! Signed by Michael Washington, oh, but wait his scam buddies
    William R Foreman sent me one from Kansas City about $15000 I won
    from him, but the fee was only $9.00. Then I have one from New York City. That Guys name is Michael Anthony, promised me I won One million eight hundred thousand, But that greedy bastard wanted the whole $20.00. Scammers Beware When it comes around it will be a biggie.

    • Dawn Severino

      I keep receiving the same documentation. JR Stewart, Michael AAnthony are both telling me I won and my money is pending upon a fee of 12.00 and 9.00
      These are scammers and I will report them. Not only are they ripping people off they are abusing the trees by sending 100′ s if not thousands of letters.

    • Mark Burrows

      I missed this comment. Gosh Ken, what list did you get added to that made you so darn popular. I am lucky to get such a single mailing once every two year. Well except for Publishers Clearing House, and Readers Digest from with I each purchased magazines. Yes, I know, I can read any magazine I want online, on computers, tablets, e-readers, and smartphones. But I am old fashioned and still like the feel of glossy pages as the slip through my fingers, and I can roll up and swat flies with. Try doing that with your laptop.
      Anyway basic principle, don’t pay for anything unless you are 100% positive you know what you are buying.
      If the words, “Oh Wow! Really! This is amazing, I can’t believe it! It’s too good to be true.” come from you mouth they you are likely being scammed. It simple, when you win a lottery, you buy a ticket, you check the numbers, you check them twice, then you yell, “I’ve won! I actually won!” then you check at least a dozen more times before you go into the final verifying process. Remember, you bought the ticket, so you had some tiny hope that you could win, and you hold onto that anticipation until the draw date, then when you don’t win, you just shrug your shoulders and toss the ticket and go about your business.

      Mark Burrows

  7. brian

    Just to say i am tortured with sweepstakesreportercompany


  8. marcus

    i just receive a letter in the mal telling me i have won One million Dollar but i need to send you Cash Check or Money Order of $12 processing fee for that wish you say i have won and if i did win there should not be a problem sending me my prize without paying you any fees.

  9. Lisa S.

    Thanks for this site! I was sending money to around 14 different contests and sweepstakes and yes – Michael Washington’s signature was on half of them – also John Winstead, Don Fields, Katherine Shipp, Mary Kelley (all from MoneyMagic Sweepstakes). I have a phone number that I got from a valid Sweepstakes competition if anyone wants to try to reach the 913-338-0700. Good luck! I do know that ‘Award Series 59413-A is a valid Contest… it has a $2,000,000.00 Annuity or $1,250,000.00 lump sum – winner to be determined by end of December 2012 and then the winner notified early February of 2013. There are thousands of scams out there – but there are also real and valid sweepstakes – good luck all!

  10. i keep getting letters from american sweepstakes publishers asp account #91406mrti166-979898 telling me send $12 do i not send the money is this fake plus i get calls everyday…

  11. I also rec today form,07EF58 An mine says im guaranteed !!SOO IM NOT I WANTED TO POST A PIC I TOOK OF MY FORM BUT CANT!!so do i or dont i send the 12 bucks im confused

    • Remember, American Sweepstakes Publishers is a aggregator of prizes – they find prizes and sweepstakes information to you. Its newsletter has “opportunities” to enter into sweepstakes, and your name and information is sent to other companies that send you information. They are not a sweepstakes – they award no prizes.

      If you choose to participate with ASP, you will be receiving offers to participate in sweepstakes. Remembering this, the money you send to ASP does not enter you into drawing. Once you send your money, you are a subscriber. If you don’t win, you don’t get a refund. ASP does not owe you anything because they are just a provider of information.

      • Mark Burrows

        You Americans are only charged a $12.00 fee? What is it reduced from? In Canada ASP asks for $25.00 but the special offer is $20.00 if I act in a timely matter. The real red flag is the payment options are check, money order or cash. Get serious, no one sends cash through the post anymore it just isn’t done. It’s odd also they don’t offer the option to pay by credit card. My thinking there is because most credit card companies, at least mine does informs me exactly who or what company accepted the transaction. This would lead me to believe that they could not be a very legitimate company that they couldn’t even warrant doing business with either Mastercard or Visa. Maybe they have in the past but lost favor with the banking industry and was banned from using credit card credibility.

      • This company does not provide lottery winnings, but only provides information on how to enter sweepstakes. They charge for this service.

  12. Dragon

    I just received the same story from the Tracking Manager, Michael Washington, Amount $1,000 000.00 , asking to pay the amount of 12$.. the bad news is that there will be black magic out for those guy, starting tonight the 25,09,2012…
    Just sorry for everyone want that is part of it,,,, hahahahahahah death

    • lee

      Maybe we could all ask Mr. Washington to help pay our $12.00 fees, but promise him that we shall pay him 10% commission for being such a wonderful guy.

      • Mark Burrows

        Now, that is what I call a clever idea, plus it gave me a bit of a genuine laugh which I appreciate once in a while.
        Mark Burrows

  13. Mark Burrows

    Here is another point to consider. 99% of these so called sweepstakes, if they are genuine, are product driven. Otherwise, with each entry they send you, such as Readers Digest they offer entry into the general sweepstakes but if you select a product from the catalog you can get a bonus entry for even more money. Leaving one to wonder if you don’t buy a product, your entry gets tossed. The real clutch is most of the products are so over priced, the fact that they offer interest fee payment plans is the red flag there. I once out of curiosity took a catalog from Publishing Clearing Warehouse, (Yes, weird, they didn’t have any books in their catalog) and I just about matched every product in a dollar store. Point being is I am not about to pay $24.95 for a cheap LED battery driven lamp I can purchase at a dollar store, for a dollar, just to get an extra entry for a $40,000.00 bonus upgrade to the sweepstakes. I would rather toss in the nickle and go buy 23 scratch tickets at my local lottery kiosk, where they are amazed at my ability of being Even Steven. I never win big, I mostly just break even. Yet, I kind of enjoy that, it entertains me, and the gals at the kiosk.

  14. cheetos

    I was interested with PCH, to say the lease the mail recieved was over whelming. Now I am stuck with collection agents for products returned or never recieved. Thru the data base I hve been Hurrassed by people claiming status with Sweeps organizations. No one will give me any answers toward “legitemate” claims. I am frustrated with 0% trust. Anyone have answers or contacts for verification.

  15. Mark Burrows

    To cheetos.
    First, did you join PHC and send the fee? If you did, you just paid them to sell your information to other companies who have the ability to harass and manipulate you. PHC is double dipping. They do not offer the sweepstakes they just provide companies that do offer sweepstakes. The are what are called spin doctors. They take money from you and they take money from the companies and all they do is create the spin to attract the consumer. The sad part is they are not breaking any laws. It is just what they do is not ethical nor is it moral. It is just not illegal. The only way to stop them is to ignore them. If you send them the fee, and then companies start offering you prizes if you return a mail in and then they send you a product. You are in a mess. If you get something in the mail that you did not order, you should always return without opening immediately. Contact the company and inform them that you did so and you do not wish any further product. They must stop. This is the law. If they refuse, now you have action against them.

  16. Daniel Menento

    I have been getting these letters from A.S.P. Signed by Michael Washington for some time now. Is this for real? I like to think i’m kind of smart! This is why i have not sent them a penny. Thank you…

    PS They need to be stoped now..

  17. I just want to start out by saying, that on a legal basis, there should b something we can do, pain and suffering, because thats what i’ve been thur, it messes with me every single time they send these documents, and the first time, it was 14 dollars for rush delivery, 11 dollars for something else, and so on, NOW, i got the CERTIFICATE of compendium, and the Report Transfer Notice, and on top of it all they dont even have my name spelled right, “RED FLAG”, and wanting that 12 dollar fee.. JUST WANT TO SAY THANK GOD FOR THIS WEB SITE, THANK U

    • Mark Burrows

      Well, Shauna, you just gave me an excellent idea. I’m actually kicking myself for not thinking about it, but you brought it to light. I do get certain things is my regular post mail where my name is not spelled correctly. They go to the shredder without even being opened.
      Yet, as an experiment, I am going to fill out registration forms on different sites, still using correct data, but each time I will alter the spelling of my name. I will document each site and the altered name given. Then check to their terms and conditions, with special attention to their privacy section. If they claim complete customer confidence and I get stuff in the mail that coincides with their site, I will slam dunk them.
      If they say they do use third party, then if I accept the terms, then it is on my head what might show up. Still, it will provide and end user, me and a beginning, the site, so that if there is any suspicious activity between. I should be able to squeeze the culprit between a vice.
      A site can put a disclaimer of not assuming any responsibility, but the legalities concerning the internet are still a massive shifting gray area. They could be considered culpable as an accessory to fraud by provided customer information.

      Mark Burrows, Mark Burrow, Mark Burroughs, Marc Burrows, I can go on for ever, and I have not even considered yet my middle name. This could be fun.

      Mark Burrows

  18. Karin Seara

    I received several calls from American Sweepstakes publishing saying I had won 2nd place prize of $487,000.00. All I need to do is send them 4,800.00 for insurance, delivered by courier. Money would not be taxed. They claim that they have been holding my check drawn from the Bank of America.


      This is the link to the corporate offices.

      If you receive a letter or phone call informing you that you’ve won money or a prize or a trip in a contest you entered, be cautious. While many contests are legitimate, there are many which are not. Prizes in legitimate contests are awarded by chance and contestants don’t have to pay a fee or buy anything to enter or increase their odds of winning.

      The next time you get a letter or phone call about being a winner in a contest, remember the following:

      1. Legitimate sweepstakes don’t require you to pay or buy something to enter. If you have to pay taxes or shipping or handling charges, it’s not a prize.
      2. Sponsors of legitimate contests identify themselves prominently; fraudulent promoters downplay their identities.
      3. Legitimate offers clearly disclose terms and conditions of the contest.
      4. If notified by mail, check the postmark on the envelope. If it was sent as bulk rate, it’s unlikely that you’ve won a big prize.
      5. Do not send any check or money order by overnight delivery or courier to claim your prize.
      6. Don’t be deceived by endorsements from a well-known celebrity to give you confidence in their offer.
      7. Read the material carefully and pay close attention to the fine print.
      8. Be skeptical when asked to attend a sales meeting to win a prize.
      9. By signing up for a contest at a trade show or similar events, you run the risk of having your personal information sold or shared with other telemarketers.
      10. Beware of promoters using toll-free 800 numbers that direct you to pay-per-call 900 numbers.
      11. Do not give your checking, credit card or other bank account information over the phone in response to a sweepstakes promotion.
      12. Call Hawaii’s BBB for a report on the company.

    • Mark Burrows

      Insurance for what? Also, if they said the money would not be taxed, they are saying that they are not deducting the taxes for you, so that alone would be a red flag. If you received such a bulk amount of money, you are required by law and conscious to pay taxes on that amount. If not then you have to defer your monies to non taxable accounts, but even though you might protect the principle you will be taxed on the interest or any monies taken for use. Eventually that principle will come out of hiding and is vulnerable to taxation.
      Still back to the Insurance issue. If something is genuine, they should have the option to direct deposit to your account. You can even go to your bank and create a specific account to receive payments of any kind which you can only personally transfer out of.
      It does not follow any logic. You do not pay money to receive money. I have had inheritances, but never has a lawyer said I had to pay money to get what was bequeathed to me. That is always handled and taken care of by the estate.
      As I said before the only time you pay to get money is buying lottery tickets and gambling, both which are addictive and create mental and physical disorders just as seriously as alcohol or drug abuse.
      Greed itself is being considered mental health disorder simply because there is a distinction between wanting money just for the sake of having it and wanting money to get out of a jam you put yourself into. People who constantly wish to be rich but are not motivated to get up, get educated, set goal and work to fulfill those dreams, have mental issues. Some will likely turn to crime thinking that must be easier than the whole school, career, work thing.
      People who wish to be rich with no effort are fools and suckers. I am sorry if I offend anyone, but this is tough love.
      Hey, I have nothing against buying the odd lottery ticket. Fact is, the odds are so great, that one you buy just might be a winner. There are so many sad sacks that spend thousands of dollars a month and not get a sniff at a grand prize. All I am saying is, if the lottery organization supports good causes, then there is no guilt in buying a chance once in a while. Just don’t fall into the trap of hanging your hopes that one day you might win. It is not a realistic ideal nor a goal.

  19. Is Wynfel Advisory Services a legigitament place they say I won 1.2 million dollars and send a processing fee of 19.99 in

    • You should never have to pay to accept a winning prize. 1. Legitimate sweepstakes don’t require you to pay or buy something to enter. If you have to pay taxes or shipping or handling charges, it’s not a prize.
      2. Sponsors of legitimate contests identify themselves prominently; fraudulent promoters downplay their identities.
      3. Legitimate offers clearly disclose terms and conditions of the contest.
      4. If notified by mail, check the postmark on the envelope. If it was sent as bulk rate, it’s unlikely that you’ve won a big prize.
      5. Do not send any check or money order by overnight delivery or courier to claim your prize.

    • Here is the business review on Wynfel:

      When you search their address, it comes up as a US Post Office in New York.

      If you are being directed to wire money, send a check, provide access to your bank account or credit card numbers or forward personal financial information in order to claim your winnings, contact your BBB. This is an attempt to steal your money or identity, by a person masquerading as a lottery official. If you have won a legitimate, legal lottery, you do not have to pay taxes, custom fees, shipping or handling or any other fee before receiving your winnings.
      – BBB

    • Jon McQuaide

      funny !
      these are all scams. T hey send you a flimsy. ( report) it looks similar to a newspaper insert.It has instruction for entering sweepstakes but, never has any kind of contact phone numbers for verification.

  20. David Homerston

    I have been in contact with this American sweepstakes company there calling all the time feeding on the fact that I’m loosing my house. I have no Idea how they even got my number except the calls started after I was notified of my foreclose. Well the guy Frank Lopez said I won a 2013 MB car and a cash award of 5.5 million. After I let him talk and I had no money for even a scratch ticket so I hung up. I’m a disabled person and this guy saw wright through me,Then the calls started just talking to me asking how I was doing like he cared.Then he started sucking me into the scam. First it was a green dot scratch card then a western union all together I sent them over 500 dollars now they want another 1500 dollars on the first of March. I’m not sending anything else. I Know I’m an idiot for falling into there trap but I was desperate.I don’t want to loose my home of 20 years. I was hoping it could be true. Now how do I get my money back.

    • Mark Burrows

      I am afraid you won’t get your money back. The very reason they target low income people or those who seemingly have debt situations is because that gives them a shield against litigation. You simply cannot take them to court because you cannot afford it. You could try appealing to others who have lost to these slick operators to create a class action suit, but again getting representation would be difficult. I might suggest if you could gather enough victims then try to convince the media to take your story, then it might catch the attention of a high level law firm that would be willing to take on these guys Pro Bono because that just makes them look good to the high paying whales (clients).

  21. dianna

    I have gotten a American sweepstakes publishers from Kansas city KS is this form valid

  22. Nick B Jenkins

    I get a lot of these in the mail
    They look like checks but I’m not sure. Everyone tells me their just a scam to get the$10-$20. Can somebody please advise me.
    THANKS, Nick7

    • It may seem like $10 or $20 bucks, but when you add up that they sent this same check to millions of people, and then asked them also for $20 bucks it adds up really fast. If on 10% of the people responded that’d be $200,000 they’d rack in. Good return on investment for 49 cent postage. Do the math. Read this:

      • Mark Burrows

        Now, if the Postal Services clued in and were well aware of their scheme, then when people sent responses back to the companies, they would sort them out and return to sender stamped ill advised. If people won’t trust the United States Postal Service then they can keep on wasting their 49 cent postage stamps. It would be a win win situation for Postal Services as they have performed an act of civility and if there are those who choose to ignore it, let them buy stamps. Purchasing stamps is still the mainstay that keeps carriers coming to your door.

        Mark Burrows

  23. No tienen informacion en espanol

  24. Marta

    It is a SCAM, nothing to a company wants to promote as sweepstakes is paid according to the laws say, so be alert and do not pay for anything other than winning without paying.
    I have received 4 letters from this place and throw them away.

  25. Myrtice Cox

    Don’t send these “crooks” any money. They prey on senior citizens a lot. If they ask you for any information, tell them to “stick it”.
    Myrtice Cox

  26. Mark Burrows

    Things that come in the mail are easy enough to dispose of, it is called the recycle bin. When they start phoning you, that is a different matter and it borders on harassment. Yet, trying to get a harassment case to court is not an easy adventure. The best defense is a good offense. If they are going to feed you lies over the phone, be prepared. Find a phone number that just provided recorded information such as the local weather number. When these clowns call, simply tell them that they you do not accept any calls regarding finances that they must call your legal and accounting firm that handles your estate and power of attorney, then give them the bogus weather information number. They will realize they have either been had, or decide that you are too far out on a limb to deal with. Either way, it is not worth their effort to continue to bother you.

    Mark Burrows

  27. chico

    my name chico i just received asp mail thank you guys for the info. justice will come godbless.

    • Mark Burrows

      I just realized that we have been hot on this topic for a year now. Basically we can conclude that American Sweepstake Publishers are simply contest brokers. They amass the information of all the ongoing Sweepstakes and money based contests and wish to sell you a report.
      They also justify it by using the wording of the original companies offering the Sweepstakes, which are: You have MAY already won. They just seem to have forgotten to use the word MAY, implying you have already won. You haven’t, you only have a chance to enter the contest or sweepstakes and try to win the unclaimed prize. You and millions of other people.
      They are doing these companies a great service by generating more income to have you view their advertising and products. The pitfall is that it increases the amount of applicants to the various sweepstakes and contests which in turn reduces the odds in you winning.
      Put your mail in the recycle box and if they phone, tell them to call your lawyer. Then take the $12.00 they asked for a fee and go to your local lottery kiosk and buy some scratch tickets. Your odds are much better and it’s a lot more entertaining.

      Mark Burrows

  28. M. Garrett

    All you people are making Michael Washington win the lottery, $12.00 at a time. If you win it costs you nothing. You will never have to send any money if you win. Michael Washington is getting rich with all these 412.00 people send him. Don’t worry if you win you’ll get your check.
    Good Luck To All!
    M. Garrett

    • Mark Burrows

      M. Garrett. I am at odds with your input. Are you suggesting that you agree with the tactics of American Sweepstakes Publishers where they imply that funds are already being held in their name and for a $12.00 fee, not to worry because you will get your check if you win?
      Or are you attempting sarcasm saying all the people who send Michael Washington, who by the way, is not the only name that pops up in this scheme, is getting filthy rich and you are implying the people who have sent in the fees are fools and idiots so you mock them by saying Good Luck To All?
      I apologize in advance if neither of these were your intentions. I am only saying your comment lacks clarity. I am only offering two probably ways that anyone could take your comment.
      The reality of the situations is this: American Sweepstakes Publishers work in a gray area of advertising through name marketing. They acquire names and addresses from some source that did not promise to protect your identity and sold that information to American Sweepstakes as a probable target.
      By badly worded manipulation they load up the initial letter with all kinds of various of possible sweepstakes and put your name as a contestant, and for a $12.00 fee, they will make this a reality. Not that you will win, but you will be entered into the contest or sweepstakes. Included in that $12.00 fee they will inform you of many more opportunities and claim to keep you up to date if you become a winner in any of these sweepstakes.
      I have read over their entire documentation, all the fine print, and all the terms and conditions of American Sweepstakes Publishers.
      In all likely they do what they say. Here are what creates a pyramid of events. These sweepstakes were offered originally to specific customers, for example, maybe Readers Digest. So they get mailings with options to buy product and enter the sweepstakes. they are not required to make a purchase to enter the sweepstakes, but they still feel good about the odds because Readers Digest has a limited amount of consumers.
      Yet, along comes American Sweepstakes Publishers who will enter the Sweepstakes with your name and address, which puts you on Readers Digests mailing list. Now what happens is this decreases the odds of winning the Readers Digest Sweepstakes in immeasurable numbers which is not truly fair to the consumers of Readers Digest. Yest, it might garner them a few more customers, but it is a round about way. Also American Sweepstakes Publishers is a company that will sell data lists to other advertising companies which will create a junk mail nightmare that the only way to stop would be to move and not leave a forwarding address.
      The fact is, American Sweepstakes Publishers are not scam artists, they are more like sham artists. What they do is not illegal, it is just highly deceptive and lacks any moral respect to consumers. So what they are doing is shameful, and barely on this side of the law.
      All we can do as consumers, is get the word out and let others know that the probability and odds of winning any lottery are less than zero compared to fact that you have paid $12.00 to have your name and address sold around the world to other devious characters lacking scruples.
      What more can be said?

      Mark Burrows

  29. Angela

    Scam artists

  30. Taking a stand

    The creative director at Opportunities Unlimited is Martha Patrice Winchester. She’s been stealing from you, me and our families for over 30 years. She’s stolen millions and millions of dollars, knowingly lying and deceiving innocent people. Her email is cell phone # (816) 352-6271 Let her know how you feel about the criminal activity she has been involved in.

    • Mark Burrows

      I’m sorry, but because your message was copied partially verbatim from a redirect from the Opportunities Unlimited Publications home website, I would not have the slightest inclination to click her email link or give her a jingle on the phone for a chat. It would be futile since the cat is out of the bag. It would not be logical for her to keep open that email account or remain using that phone number.
      Opportunities Unlimited Publications have no criminal charges against them. Yes, their methods are extremely in the area of bad behavior and profiteering from gullible people. Yet, they do state in their terms and conditions of their contests and prize distribution system. Also stating that the prize could be spread among many contestants.
      You might be a prize winner, but the contest is not concluded until a closing date where other contestants still have a chance at solving puzzles and equally becoming a prize winner.
      Yes, it is a very shady way of doing things because in all probable odds there will be hundreds or maybe thousands of winners. Thus when notified of the amount a person has won, they become upset, feel cheated, and can only do but one thing. Complain.
      Advantage to Opportunities Unlimited Publications because they are fully aware of this psychological response and know the large percentage of the winners will not even bother to claim the prize because the cost of fuel to drive to the band to deposit such a miniscule check would be greater than the prize granted. Not to mention, the image of the teller attempting to suppress a laugh.
      It is better not to indulge such concepts when they show up in your post, pop up on the internet, slip into your email. Look at them, laugh at them, and toss them out, then tell your family, friends and neighbors to do the same thing. Post it on Facebook, post it on Twitter, add it to your blogs. Just get the word out that such marketing is deceptive and only takes without giving in return.
      Word of mouth can still put a huge dent in most things. We just have forgotten that because we have been hypnotized by so much useless gossip and nonsense, that we don’t want to be the ones to spoil the atmosphere by providing warnings of unsavory activity.

      Mark Burrows

  31. If this is foreal an not a scam give me a call at 973-XXX-XXXX this is benjamin sommers tex ing you if you are real about who you say you. Are give me a call at 973-XXX_XXXX thank you

    • This company provides information about lottery, drawings, prize winnings, etc. where you can enter. They are not a Sweepstakes presenter. They do not provide you with a sweepstakes or money, but require you to pay $$$ for booklets and fliers they produce.

    • Mark Burrows

      Benjamin, this has been a long going thread or discussion. So, I am not clear to what you are asking what is for real and not a scam. We have been discussing American Sweepstakes Publishers and other such types of mass advertising adventures that use sketchy tactics to give the impression that people have won a prize and they need to pay a fee to collect it. What they are really doing is selling you a newsletter on all the probable and possible sweepstakes and cash prize contests you can enter. Then they not only collect a fee from you, the sell your name, home address and email address to countless other opportunists to send you more junk. Then if you enter any of these sweepstakes, those people will add you to their product lists and provide your information to the product lists of an affiliate companies.
      So, in a legal stance it is not a scam, it is simply profiteering from a little misrepresentation which they cover themselves in some very small print, and it is more of underhanded sneaky marketing that is just under the wire of being illegal.
      So, in this case, BBB has done it’s job to provide a warning of such tactics. What I have done is given a more detailed description of the underbelly of the tactics.
      So, to put it simple terms, American Sweepstakes Publishers, and similar marketing schemes are acting in bad taste and should be avoided and ignored at all costs.

      Mark Burrows

  32. Ok well then. I hope an pray that i do win some thing god bless you and thank you for that now you do have my number call me any time 973-xxx-xxxx

    • Mark Burrows

      Benjamin, I am concerned that you are not understanding. Also, it is not advisable to post your personal phone number on an open area where anyone seeing this site can see it. The reply button at the end of each message is not sent to a private box, it goes to everyone following the story. It is not my place to call you, but I do suggest you never hope and pray to win something if you are a Christian. However if you are into Buddhism go for it. Although the phrase “God helps those who help themselves” is not in the bible, it is a correct analogy and a favorite of Benjamin Franklin who ironically is on the hundred dollar bill.
      Winning is always due to chance, luck is not even involved. By using the methods of American Sweepstakes Publishers and other such marketing schemes all you are doing is putting yourself at a high risk of being showed products and magazines that appear tempting to purchase. Your name and address gets sold and resold to countless other marketing opportunists who will send you more envelopes with glossy pages of things to buy and entice you with their own contests.
      Then eventually you will get a sense that if you buy something it will increase your chance to win. That is what they want you to think.
      Hoping and praying does not cut it. Also entering a contest several times does not help either, if anything it reduces the overall odds of winning, because after all, there is only one winner of the major prize. Winning the major prize will supersede any minor prizes, that means if you won a major prize they will not award you also with minor prizes unless it was a previous addendum that was agreed upon. A popular practice by Readers Digest who are fairly straight forward, but some additional awards do depend on purchases if you do win a major prize. Now if only Readers Digest was the great little magazine it use to be instead of the tiny little articles placed between pages upon pages of advertising, I would endorse it. Did you know they no longer have the famous Readers Digest Condensed books anymore? Those were great and so well edited. You knew that the stories you really liked you just had to go out and purchase the full edition. Then as time passed and these condensed books sat on the shelf, you would pull out the stories that you didn’t buy the full version of and read them again and feel the compulsion to complete your library. Yes, we use to love books. I am one of the few that still do.

      Mark Burrows

  33. crystal

    I receive just like the one your talking about..i read what u were saying but dont really understand.. so my question if i dont pay the $12 to them im i still in the sweepstakes their trying to get me to pay a processing fee for…
    Are my enties still going to count or do i have to pay the $12

    • If you pay the $12 to them, you will continue to receive information, and not be entered in the sweepstakes because they do not run a sweepstakes, they only send you information on sweepstakes that you can enter.

    • Mark Burrows

      Crystal, let me explain. I do a lot of investigation on my own time for the purpose of my own consumer research. To do this, I take the risks of signing up to these letters, and paying the fee just to see exactly what the fallout is. I know the risk going in, but I also know how to clean up the mess once the ball starts rolling.
      I paid the fee to American Sweepstakes, they kept sending me information on all kinds of contests and sweepstakes going on in North America, well, if you are American, you can’t enter the Canadian ones, and same thing the other way around, but they keep sending the information anyway.
      Not only that, I started receiving junk mail so heavily that my post delivery person begged me to cancel as much as I could because all of it wouldn’t fit in my mail box, and she had to haul it in the next day, but there was more, she had to finally buzz me down from my apartment and hand deliver the stuff to me.
      I had to go through every one of them to first see if I could cancel online, but as it was, I had to do it through the post. So, after spending about about $50.00 on postage stamps I got removed from most of the mailing lists. Some I had to send letters threatening legal action if they did not cease sending me material. So, more postage stamps.
      On top of that, I made the mistake of adding my email address, so I had to go through the process of banning all and any emails from those sites. Glad that my email server has that option.
      As for the sweepstakes, you can enter as many as you wish, but for each one, you will be required to register, so that just starts the ball rolling again, more junk mail, more emails, and some sweepstakes may required you to purchase a product to enhance your chance. They give the impression that if you do not make a purchase, your normal entry doesn’t have a hope.
      I have long clear away any trace of American Sweepstakes Publishers. My mail carrier adores me, and I advise as many people as I can not to get involved.
      Throw the letter away and go spend your $12.00 on lottery scratch tickets, better odds in winning.

      Mark Burrows

  34. crystal

    Thanks for the information. .very helpful

  35. Iam so glad I put The Information Into The comp.They just sent me about 14 different Entry’S.EACH ONE WANTED 12$ FEE.aND 2 OF THEM wANTED 40.00 it SAYS NO PURCHASE AND WILL NOT iNCREASE YOUR CHANCES.But thew say if you dont pay you wont win.Last month I checked out.American sweepstakes,and it took me to where I filled out The same application.I dident send any mony last month .But they allmost got me this month.I typed In AST.And then the prize data Information.And they said I was A wINNER FOR 2 MILLION aNd A lomp. sum of 140Million.Iam so glad I research there prize data Information.And thank All Of You People on This site.Jan20th2014.

  36. toni

    So how is it they are still getting away with this? What is the purpose of BBB??? Obviously they just record how good or bad business’ s are but do nothing if they are not legit in regards to stealing/ or taking advantage of people for years??! Yike! BBB gets an f rateing in my book!

    • Mark Burrows

      Toni, what you fail to regard is that the BBB are not a policing authority. They do not arrest or prosecute crimes. Their purpose is only to inform the public, the consumer, and the end user what any company, business, or restaurant rates to a set standard of conditions. They are the highest recognized approval seal in the world. That alone is amazing since they only operate in North America.
      The fact that this blog from an Idaho district has opened up a venue to alert and warn people of not only shady business behavior, but also of scams that are moving in and out of the area.
      The BBB does assist law authorities in bringing attention to suspicious illegal activity, but they are only recognized as in association with. That means, they were given the information, they investigated, then they blew the whistle to the authorities.
      If you had been following this entire thread, you would realize that American Sweepstakes Publishers are working in the gray zone of being legal. That means they have a loophole that allows them to operate completely legally. It does not mean that they are nice people, they are not. They are underhanded, devious, and cloak their words with extreme cleverness.
      If you want them outlawed, then a law needs to be created to stop them. To create a law is the same as creating a bill. You have to go to your local political representative whether if you want the law to be municipal, county, state, or federal. Then of course it is likely you will have to petition to get their attention. Then they have to consider where they stand for the next election, whether it effects them personally or whether it effects the strength of the party. Then the law is put before council and voted upon. If there is not a clear cut decision, they may add the law to an upcoming ballet and let the public decide as a campaign gambit.
      So, you want to blame BBB, a non profit organization? Or maybe place the blame where it really counts. The government being self serving and not caring much about laws unless they can seriously profit from it.
      Please reassess your rating and place it where it belongs.

      Mark Burrows

  37. april

    So asp ia a scam a real f up thing ro do I recieved letters stating I won iam out of work mom need to support kids and the end of my rope pch did not show on feb. 28th dont beleave that they’ll show on april30th day after my bday scewed up how places (sweeps) mess with your mind emotions hope and faith. # 92544pvt1261-901566 1, 000, 000.00 guarented
    By: a Mentaly and physically screwed mother

    • Mark Burrows

      Now, you see, this is exactly what grills me. When these underhanded tactics mislead and effect those who are Mentally handicapped. This falls into the neighborhood of my profession (retired) and I have had to deal with the back lash of the impact.
      Mental Illness is the one thing that runs rampant world wide, yet it is still looked upon with jaded eyes. The majority of people out there who may suffer from some form of a mental disability would rather die than admit it. The unfortunate thing is that they do die. Suicide has been proven as an act of a person who is not in total control of their mental state.
      Now, some may argue that other acts such as murder and other violent acts would be the same, but it is not so. These are results of either built up anger or rage of vengeance which are premeditated.
      Taking one’s life is a total loss of all hope and the reason they often leave a note, is to say they are sorry for not understanding their failure. They didn’t fail, they just did not get the help they needed, nor the the support they needed. Family is the hardest to accept and educate that a member has a mental illness, because of the still present stigma of words like insane, crazy, nuts, whacky, and loopy still get banter about in common vocabulary. In fact I would like to see the word illness removed and changed strictly to words like disability, condition, or syndrome as these are things that for those who live with them can learn to adjust to them and have some semblance of a respectable life. As little as some know, some mental conditions are not completely understood even by modern standards, as such people show remarkable high intelligence and extreme abilities in expressing themselves through artistic measures such as painting, music, acting, film making, and even leading countries. It is simply that their brains are wired differently and it both affects and effects their moods and behaviors beyond the norm.
      Most people I will pass off their loss as simply because of their ignorance and their lackadaisical attitude toward educating themselves. Yet, I get somewhat riled when those whose mental capacity does not have the ability to encompass the reality of the vile behavior of the theatrical techniques of outfits such as American Sweepstakes Publishers!

      Mark Burrows

  38. Jasmine

    I got some mail
    Saying I won 100,000,000 also from American sweepstakes publisher an this is not the first time but this time it did say I had to send a 12 dollar fee and I’ve never heard of having to pay for anything your winning his name was Micheal that was on the papers to , that’s terrible people will try and scam you for your hard working dollars or even lie and get a person happy about money there never gonna get

  39. Kelly Davis, Chico, CA

    I just want to say that thesecompanies, or people, are absolutely scamming people out of money they more than likely don’t have, like myself!!! Thankfully, my Papa clued me into this bulls*** and I’m not gonna ever send another money order for $11.89, or $12.89, our $19.99. The worst part of all is that I read these papers, and nowhere did they say I was paying for a damn report!!! It said I was a winner!! I was emotionally affected by these companies and left feeling used, and depressed. I think there should be some type of compensation for us consumers out here who’ve been abused by these companies like ANC, NAC, Wynfel Advisory Services, and American Sweepstakes Publishers.

    • Mark Burrows

      I don’t know if you have thrown out the mailing, but with it, there should be somewhere an area of extremely small print that will either explain that telling you that you won was a dramatization or a, what if, advertising ploy. If they did the same thing vocally on television as you watched their ad, you would not think you personally won as some actor announcer just said it, because he is saying it to everyone, so they stay and listen to the ad. They try to use the same approach in the mailings, but where they are riding the edge of fair play, is that they personalize it by adding your name electronically everywhere.
      Yes, they are guilty of playing on your emotions, your self esteem, and your sense of trust, and until the law makers get their heads together and do a proper investigation and find justification to change the laws that allow such companies tiny little loopholes to work with, they will continue to prey upon the general public, and hurt many of them.
      We have to learn to accept that we are starting to recognize these troublemakers for what they are. Yes, some have lost money in hopes and dreams. I have sacrificed money to investigate, but for me, I am not hurt by it, because I can stab them back and let them know that I am aware of their activities. I am not an authority of the law, but I am a mouthpiece for the consumer. The right people hear what I have to say. Yet, even though I know that they listen, I offer nothing more than information. I can not control if others pay them to ignore the information I provide. Such is the way with politics.
      I am not against politics nor government, I am however against corruption. Enough said.

      Mark Burrows

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