Security alarm system calls terrifying Boise residents

By Robb Hicken/ chief storyteller

Phone calls from 718-732-1022 are creeping  out Boise residents and making them think there is a huge residential burglary problem.

The call starts with a recorded introduction claiming the FBI says “your area” is experiencing a high volume of crime.

BBB has received several complaints from elderly individuals about the solicitations. Calls to the 718-number by BBB ended with a busy signal or all circuits busy signal. An online searched indicated the number belongs to a telephone-marketing firm in New York.

Betty Chatham, of Boise, called BBB and says, “It was beyond coincidental because Marie interrupted our conversation about this call I had received from the FBI, to answer a phone call.”

When the two reconnected after the interruption, Betty was surprised to hear that her friend Marie had just answered the same exact telemarketing call.

“They said if I let them put a sign in my yard, they’d install a home security system in the house,” she says. “I simply hung up on them.”

Another complaint states they’d been called three times in one day, and again this morning.

If you don’t recognize the phone number, don’t answer. Caller ID allows more security than in the past. If you can’t identify the caller, let your answering machine pick it up.

Here are helpful tips:

  • Protect phone numbers. Avoid posting numbers online or sharing in surveys, forms and applications, unless it is with a trusted organization.
  • If concerned, consider blocking your numbers before calling.
  • Do not engage telemarketers; instead, screen unknown calls.
  • Do not answer numbers you do not recognize.
  • Phone numbers can be added to the National Do Not Call Registry. Violators can also be reported to this resource.
  • Home and cellphone numbers can be registered; businesses cannot.

Get on the Do Not Call Registry at 888-382-1222.



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3 responses to “Security alarm system calls terrifying Boise residents

  1. It was an interesting post…I too went through a lot of this. And the tips you have shared is useful. I think screening unknown calls will reduce the problem to an extent. Although home security alarms like ADT Home alarm System is necessary for every home, privacy counts a lot

  2. Brian

    Beware the Do Not Call Registry. My cell phone has had a huge increase in the number of illegal telemarketing calls since being added to the list. If you read the fine print at the DNC site you will find that the government does not prosecute violations. The list has just become a source of valid numbers for illegal telemarketing.

    • Reverend Alan

      Any time we ask our government to do something it has the opposite result, telemarketers are happier than ever thanks to the government. Maybe ‘llI just call forward all these telemaraketing calls to Diane Feinstein.

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