Brushing off brides poor way of doing business

By Dale Dixon/ chief trust evangelist

An open letter to Cache and Kristin Miller,

It’s time to do what’s right. I understand you’re upset that the proposed Hwy 16 extension will go through your property, Century Hall and Gardens, near Hwy 44 between Eagle and Star. You have every right to fight the expansion.

However, Lacey Howard, a bride who paid you more than $1,000 to schedule her wedding at Century Hall, has nothing to do with your fight. Sending her an email canceling her reservation and saying, “If you have any complaints with this, blame the State of Idaho Transportation Department’s design team,” and refusing to refund her deposit defies common sense. Lacey tells us she has talked to other brides in the same predicament: email cancelations, no refunds, no contact. That’s wrong.

Fine, you don’t want to deal with the public (you don’t return BBB phone calls, Lacey tells us you’re nearly impossible to contact). Go ahead, cancel the reservations, AND do the right thing: return the deposits.

ITD tells us construction on the property won’t begin until later this year or next year. Why are you canceling reservations and absconding with deposits when your property is the same as it was last year at this time – and won’t change in the next several months?

Don’t stoop to the level of causing people pain in the midst of what is supposed to be one of the happiest times in life because you feel you’re being hurt. The emotion of going through an eminent domain process with state government is clouding your humanity, causing you to hurt people who trusted you and have nothing to do with your property fight. If you keep going down this path, you’ll do great harm to your reputation.

Assuming the two of you are married, would any reason justify someone taking more than $1,000 from you in the month leading up to your wedding and saying: “Tough, deal with it. Go complain to someone else who has no way of helping you.” I think not.

Cache and Kristin, it’s time to do the right thing. At the very least, refund the deposits for those reservations you have cancelled. Even better, you’d restore great confidence if you buck up, put a smile on your face and provide your clients great service despite what is going on behind the scenes.


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