Meat salesman didn’t meet expectation; be prepared

By Danielle McFadden/ Business & Consumer Services

Danielle McFadden

It’s that same old story! Salesman shows up on the doorstep, offers you a good price for what he claims a cheap price, promises delivery, and then fails to deliver.

That’s what happened to a woman in Oregon this past week, and she says she had no one to turn to but BBB to help resolve this problem.

But, the sales isn’t the key problem here, it’s gaining control of certain situations.

Wanda Steege, who lives in Baker City, Ore., was taking care of her grandchild when the salesman showed up.

Not expecting company, Steege, “an grandmotherly voiced person,” says the man was disruptive in nature and came into the house and started his presentation right off the bat.

She says she was distracted by her grandchild tried to comprehend what the salesman was saying, calculating in her own mind what the price per pound was going to be, and making a decision on whether she needed 150 pounds of meat.

In the end, her moment of indecision was mishandled with frustration and she signed the contract with Steakhouse Quality Meats, of Idaho.

The point of this blog is this: Prepare yourself before the door-to-door salesman ever makes a visit or a stop. Simply tell them “I do not buy products from salesman” and close the door. By having a a plan and resolution in mind, you’re more equipped to handle those frazzle moments when a salesman tries to dazzle you at the door.


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