Kituku/Moore presentation draws large crowd

Dale Dixon, CEO for Better Business Bureau serving the Snake River Region, speaks Thursday morning.
Dale Dixon, BBB CEO, opens the seminar in Nampa featuring Dr. Vincent Kituku and former BSU quarterback Kellen Moore.
By Jason Billester/Membership development

A nearly packed seminar in the Nampa Civic Center this morning. Hundreds of people attended, “Whether You are a Lion or a Gazelle,” a production by Vincent Kituku that featured former BSU quarterback Kellen Moore as a guest speaker.

The seminar centers on helping people to succeed in today’s ever-changing workplace and in your personal life, by showing how they must be passionate, highly motivated, and focused in every aspect.

“You know that the competitiveness of our world requires constant professional and personal growth,” Kituku says.”Further, yesterday’s success is not guarantee of tomorrow’s success.”

Kituku, author of Overcoming Buffaloes at Work & In Life, says that is the same as a gazelle that outruns a lion today, thinking that there is no more running tomorrow. Or a lion that easily caught a gazelle yesterday assuming that it will do the same today and tomorrow.


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