Unsolicited BBB commentary, demonstrates purpose of accreditation

By Paul Shephard/Business Relations

While attending a networking group, I was taken back when the keynote speaker stood up and gave her presentation, which ended in a focus on BBB.

Paul Shephard – Business RelationsPaul Shephard – business relations

She was talking about the importance of showcasing your business.

Somewhere along the line, she has learned that instead of standing up and telling everyone how great your business is, you acknowledge that you’re in competition.

So, during her presentation, her slide presentation demonstrated  the various points: Make certain the tech is certified, get quotes in writing … all good points when dealing with the service industry.

Then, out of no where, she says, “make certain you go to the Better Business Bureau, and see if they are accredited.”

And she continue, “Don’t stop there, make sure you see their grade.”

And went on, “Don’t stop there, read the customer comments at the BBB.”

And then, “But, don’t stop there, open their complaints and see if they have a pattern of complaints.”

Now, I’m not a regular member of this group, so Candy didn’t know that I was going to be there, so she didn’t put this together just for me. But, she does make a valuable point about being an accredited business.


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