Probably a stiff learning curve on social media

By Robb Hicken/Chief Storyteller

This past week, BBB tried its own advice.

Touching individuals with special offers or discounts was the discussion topic in the “operations” meeting this week, and as such,  the opinions varied: Groupon, Yollar! and other offers pander to customers to get that  initial introduction to your business. Coupons, like the BBB Frugal Friday, are smaller scale offering to draw potential clients to your product or services.

So, what happens when you send out that email saying, “I’ve gotta deal for you.” How do you respond?

Websites are costly to design. It’s a highly effective way to introduce your business to people. Until you can afford it, you can do other social media.

BBB offers great profiling on its website. Google Adworks specialist Paul Shepard helps accredited business get exposure through the Google search engine. Those links return to the BBB’s business review page. This space is already built with all the contact information, reviews, and complete listing of complaints, how they were handled and resolved.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are high traffic social media sites. Facebook can be set up by the novice computer user. Find the one that fits your personality. If you don’t have the tools to set it up, at least it establishes your profile on the Internet. If you experiment with each one, do so, one at a time.

We decided to put together a Valentine “coupon” to drive accredited businesses to our Facebook page. The thought was, if we’re encouraging the ABs to be social media savvy, we’d better show off our own ability. We sent it out through email, Twitter and postings on Facebook.

We challenge you to experiment. Do something you think your customers or clients may like. If they dislike, it’s still information from people you hope to contact.

Let us know what you think. How did we do? Write me.


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