Investigations that end up as miscommunications

By Robb Hicken/ Chief Storyteller

While corporations are supposed to work like well-oiled machines – communication continues to be a cog that fouls things up.

During the past week, BBB received a phone call about a possible “systems slam.”

Seems Boise-resident Michael Alb was told his security system needed to be updated, and that a new chip would be sent to him. He contracts with Security Networks, a national company that specializes in the sale, installation, maintenance and monitoring of commercial and residential security systems.

“They wanted to set up an appointment to install the chip they were sending,” he says.

He took down the caller ID number, and Googled it to find it went to a different company: SpeedWire Inc.

Seems SpeedWire does security systems as well. It spooked Alb, so he called his Security Networks representative, who informed Alb that “they were not scheduling upgrades in the area.”

He called the BBB, to check out both companies, and pass along information.

When contacted by BBB, Security Networks spokeswoman Ariel Erickson explained SpeedWire had been subcontracted to contact, schedule and install an upgrade, however, the memo to the region had not been shared appropriately.

This was an investigation of simple miscommunication.



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One response to “Investigations that end up as miscommunications

  1. Hey Snakeriverbbb,
    I take your point, Me and a friend were accused of using drugs in the bathroom at work. The GM said someone “saw us” using drugs.So he told us were were suspended until further investigation..all he has is hear say…We told the GM that we would take a drug test to prove it.and he said that, that was not his policy. So i told him that legal steps would be taken. As soon as i told him that he said he would let us take a drug test and if we passed we could come back to work. So, while on our way to take the drug test at the hospital we get a phone call sayin that it was announced at work today that She and I were fired for snorting cocaine in the bathroom. SLANDER???and he told us we were just suspended not then we call and ask him what that was all about and he appologized and said that it was miscommunication and that he was very the day went on and we got 3 other calls sayin that managers were tellin everybody about it…
    All the Best

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